Associate Professor Nadine Marcus
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Nadine Marcus

Computer Science and Engineering

Dr Nadine Marcus, Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Her research interests include:

  • Educational technology
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Adaptive E-learning
  • Multimedia Instructional Design
  • Cognitive Load Theory
  • Instructional Animations
  • Modelling of Human Cognition
  • Human Robot Interaction/interfaces

Broad research interests

Level 1: I develop online learning strategies to improve student learning

Level 2: I design, develop and test multimedia based strategies to support online learning

Level 3: Using Cognitive Load Theory as a theoretical based I use empirical research methods to develop strategies to facilitate online learning


Interest in engineering

Why did you get into engineering?

I am interested in the design of software that people can actually use.  Too much focus in Engineering is often on the functionality of systems, rather than their usability.  In software design both are equally important.

What are your research goals?

To design online learning systems that people can use and actually learn from.

What do people not understand about you do?

I have a cross disciplinary background and can often contribute a unique perspective to different projects – I understand both the technology and the people.

Advice for prospective Computer engineers

It is not enough to just design software with good functionality.  It also needs to be enjoyable and easy to use.

Lectures/Courses taught

I have been teaching Human Computer Interaction since 2001 – includes COMP3511;COMP9511;COMP4511


Number graduated: 30+

Student Projects:

Most projects relate to using cognitive load theory to improve online learning and/or using Smartsparrow’s Adaptive eLearning platform to facilitate student learning outcomes.

Project titles:

Linking computers to human minds;

Using instructional animations to improve learning;

Adaptive eLearning;

Using gesture to improve learning;

Writing versus typing and the effects on learning;

Effects of seeing hands on learning human motor tasks;

Looking for students for projects related to:

Cognitive Load theory and its applications to online learning

Current Grants

SEF L&T grant – Virtual Field trips

AOARD grant - Autonomous Adaptation and Trust

Smartsparrow PhD project – Pedagogical evaluation of the AeLP



B.Sc. Honours, Experimental Psychology, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1988.

Ph.D. Education, University of NSW, 1998.


B.Sc. Computer Science & Psychology, University of Cape Town, South Africa,1987.


+61 2 9385 5173
Building K17, level 4, room 401B, Kensington Campus
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