Dr Raveen De Silva

Dr Raveen De Silva

PhD (Mathematics), UNSW Sydney, 2016-2020

BSc (Hons) (Pure Mathematics), UNSW Sydney, 2015

BSc (Computer Science) / BSc (Mathematics), UNSW Sydney 2011-2014

Computer Science and Engineering

Raveen completed his PhD with the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW in 2020. His thesis was on maximum generalised roundness properties of metric spaces arising from graphs. His undergraduate degree was in computer science and mathematics, also at UNSW.

Raveen lectured COMP4128 Programming Challenges for four terms. He has also worked on a MOOC with the Learning and Teaching Unit and tutored a variety of first year mathematics courses.

Raveen represented UNSW twice at the ICPC World Finals, and has since coached three UNSW teams including the Silver Medal winning team of 2018. He also ran CSE's extracurricular program training students in competitive programming for three years.

K17 202

COMP4128 2015-2017 S1, 2020-2021 T3

COMP3121 21T3