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At the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering, we take pride in maintaining strong connections with our alumni, industry, government, and the wider community.

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At the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering, we take pride in maintaining strong connections with our alumni, industry, government, and the wider community. Leveraging our world-class research and teaching, we are committed to solving national and global challenges as well as enabling awareness around computing education.

We greatly value connections from Alumni, Industry, and schools and there are many ways you can be a part of our community. This page provides information on Alumni engagement, Industry Partnerships, and our School Outreach Programs

John Lions Chair

UNSW Australia John Lions Chair in Computer Science is the first Chair at UNSW to be funded by contributions from the university's alumni. The creation of the Chair aims to perpetuate the John Lions name, and to ensure that new generations of students will continue to benefit from his legacy.

Following the generous donation of US$500,000 by Qualcomm Inc in September 2005 and $100,000 raised by USENIX in 2006, the University created the chair in 2007 which was filled by Scientia Professor Gernot Heiser in 2009. Fundraising is continuing to endow the chair in perpetuity and support is sought from individuals and corporations. Contributions will be duly recognised.


UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering has thousands of alumni working in countries across the world. Our graduates have gone on to work in a range of exciting areas including cybersecurity, banking, programming and systems engineering.

We consistently produce Australia's highest quality software engineers with our alumni working for industry leaders, including Microsoft, Data61 and Atlassian. Our graduates are true innovators, founding high profile companies including Smart Sparrow and Open Learning.

We pride ourselves on our strong alumni and industry relationships, hosting many events throughout the year as well as other opportunities to stay involved with the school.

If you're a past student, join us on LinkedIn to stay updated on upcoming news and events.

Industry Advisory Board

At the School of Computer Science and Engineering we have a rich network of accomplished alumni and industry partners who play an integral role of the quality of our education, research impact and societal contributions.

Our Industry Advisory Board meets triannually and represent a number of distinguished employer groups, a range of professional disciplines, graduates and UNSW Engineering staff.


Industry partners

We also provide our industry partners with access to a range of unique opportunities. If you're a potential graduate employer, you may also be interested in: 

  • Becoming an industrial training partner: our students must complete 60 days of compulsory training to achieve a Bachelor of Engineering before graduation. Help train the next generation of engineers and bring fresh, innovative perspectives to your next project.  
  • Advertising to our students: who are interested in working for one of our industry partners can subscribe to our mailing list for the latest opportunities. Get applications from some of the most sought-after engineering students in the country. 

National Computer Science School (NCSS)

The National Computer Science School (NCSS) is a ten-day summer school bringing together talented young people from around Australia.

NCSS has been offered in various formats since 1996 (formerly at the University of Sydney), and in 2023, the school will be run at UNSW, and at the University of Melbourne.

All NCSS students reside on campus at a residential college, with NCSS tutors and staff providing pastoral care for the duration of the summer school.

If you would like any further information, please email

Designed for

NCSS applications will be accepted from students who will complete Year 10 and Year 11 in 2022.

No prior knowledge of computing is assumed.

High School Computing

This course introduces students to the basics of Computer Programming and Computer Science. It is intended as an opportunity to experience studying in Computer Science or related fields.

The course material has been adapted from CSE Programming Fundamentals and has been reproduced with format and content suitable for high school students using a remote learning methodology.

Students will participate in study groups and be mentored by senior undergraduate computer science students.  This will give high school students an experience of undergraduate computer science studies.

This course aims for students to become proficient in a high-level programming language, C. It also focuses on mental preparedness for programming long term, including problem solving, debugging and testing.

Primary School Workshops

The extremely popular Primary School Workshops are currently on hold due to lab restrictions and software availability. 

Developed to create interest in engineering and technology, these workshops are a great opportunity for your students to explore the exciting world of robotics in a hands-on environment.

Students currently in Year 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to participate in a free full-day excursion to a university computer science laboratory. They will be taught how to build and program a robot using LEGO Mindstorms.

If you would like to keep updated about possible future workshops, please register your expression of interest by clicking below. 


UNSW High Schools Programming Competition:  Teams of three high school students are given tasks to complete within a time limit.​The goal is to solve as many tasks as possible, in any order, in any programming language, on a single computer.​Teams are awarded points for correct results, programming, and testing.​Competition rounds culminate in a Grand Final held on the Kensington Campus with cash prizes and scholarships to be won.​

Comp Club

CSESoc CompClub is run by computing students at UNSW, and is focused on running educational programs for highschool students to introduce them to computing! ​

Workshops on campus and at high schools include:​

  • Code space workshops​

  • Regional/Rural road-trips​

  • Summer spy school​

  • Game Dev​

  • Intro to C​

  • Security Education (hacking!)​

  • Hackathons​

Virtual Reality and Video Game Development Workshops for High School Students

The overarching goal of this program is to familiarize high school students with the latest technologies in the field of computer science, providing them with insights to make informed decisions about their future studies.

In these dynamic workshops, students will have the opportunity to delve into the cutting-edge UNSW Metaverse Project during the first 30 minutes. This segment will offer a deep dive into the world of virtual environments, serving as both an eye-opening introduction and a foundation for the hands-on activities that will follow.

  • Transitioning from theory to practice, participants will then engage in hands-on work with Game Engines such as Unreal Engine, widely recognized as one of the most powerful and popular game development engines in the industry. This interactive session will empower students to create their very own 3D environments, offering them a practical experience in game design and development.

    As they work with the Game Engine, students will acquire fundamental knowledge about the inner workings of game engines. They will explore various core concepts, including transformation, material design, physics, collision, visual scripting, landscape architecture, and the use of foliage features. These elements will provide them with the basic skills and understanding they need to embark on their own game development projects in the future.

    Alignment of Workshops with High School Syllabus:

Our research

Delve into a world of new discoveries, where groundbreaking research takes today's problems and reimagines them to become tomorrow's solutions. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities or engage with expert academic minds involved in internationally renowned research. Find out how our efforts have helped change lives and the industry.

UNSW Engineering industry partnerships

When you partner with us, you get more than just access to internationally acclaimed academic experts, research facilities and research grants. If you’re searching for an out-of-the-box solution to a complex problem or grappling with a common industry issue, find out how an industry partnership can help.


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