Cognitive Robotics concerns the use of Artificial Intelligence methods to allow an autonomous system to learn and reason about its environment and how to behave appropriately to achieve its goals. The robotics research group focuses mainly on the intelligent programming of robots, including developing novel machine learning techniques for perception, control and behaviours; computer vision systems for understanding human behaviour; human-robot interaction; architectures and high-level languages for cognitive robots; and how to make robot behaviour ethical, explainable and trustworthy. The robotics group works closely with the Creative Robotics Laboratory and iCinema, both in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and with the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and has strong links with international collaborators around the world. Much of the research and training is driven by our participation in international competitions, such as RoboCup, where the group has won many awards, including five world championships in the robot soccer standard platform league. Experience from these competitions has led to industry collaborations in multi-agent systems, robots for recycling electronics, agriculture and mining, and the acquisition of human expertise in manufacturing.