Progression Checksheets

Progression checksheets are now available to download. Please download the correct progression checksheet from the table below and complete it by filling in all previously passed courses.

If you require formal confirmation of your progression as you near graduation, please attach your completed grad check and email a request to your Program Authority and include your Student ID.

Note: if you have any approved substitutions or special circumstances, please include this information in your email request so we can cross-check your file.

Please note: Thesis codes are currently being updated for the introduction of the 2019 Theses. While the codes may be incorrect in the forms below, the UOC remains the same.

Stream Commencing Year
Aerospace Engineering From 2015 onwards
Bioinformatics Engineering 2015-2016 2017 2018 2019 onwards
Biomedical Engineering From 2015 onwards
Chemical Engineering From 2015 onwards 
Civil Engineering Click here
Computer Engineering 2015-2016 From 2017 onwards  
Computer Science 2012-2016 From 2017 onwards
Computer Science/Engineering 3772: 2015-2016 3785: 2017 onwards
Electrical Engineering From 2017 onwards
Environmental Engineering Click here
Food Science and Technology From 2015 onwards 
Food Science and Nutrition From 2015 onwards 
Geospatial Engineering Click here
Industrial Chemistry From 2015 onwards 
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering From 2015 onwards 
Mechanical Engineering From 2015 onwards 
Mining Engineering From 2015 onwards 
Mechatronic Engineering From 2015 onwards 
Petroleum Engineering 2015-2016 From 2017 onwards  
Software Engineering 2015-2016 From 2017 onwards  
Surveying Click here
Photovoltaic and Solar Energy From 2015 onwards 
Renewable Energy Engineering From 2015 onwards 
Telecommunications From 2015 onwards 

If your progression checksheet is not listed, then you may contact your Program Authority