Dean's Advisory Council

UNSW Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council is made up of senior executives from a range of industry and government sectors and reflects the breadth of the Faculty’s eight schools. Members are invited to share their expertise to ensure we offer the best education in all engineering disciplines, productive research opportunities and continuing education programs for engineers in the workforce.

In addition to ensuring our programs produce graduates with the skills and attributes sought by industry, the council is strongly committed to promoting engineering to government and the community. We achieve this by demonstrating what we do and how engineering is important for Australia's future.

Roles of the Committee

The Committee meets three times each year, with members carrying out the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide strategic advice on direction of UNSW Engineering
  2. Act as advocates for engineering in the broader community
  3. Provide support for resourcing major initiatives
  4. Provide influence on future directions for workforce and technology development
  5. Receive early access to research achievements
  6. Provide clearer pathways for graduates for future employment


There are 14 members on the Dean’s Advisory Council. Membership is determined by the Dean, with industry representatives for each of the Faculty's eight schools. The Chair is appointed by the Dean from the Committee membership.

The Chair oversees the organisation and affairs of the Committee. The Chair makes recommendations to improve the Committee's usefulness to the Faculty and the University.