Alumni & industry

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At the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, we’ve built and maintained strong connections to both alumni and industry.

Our enviable research record is built on a network of mutually beneficial partnerships with government and industry. We also have a reputation for innovation in teaching and learning, producing highly sought after graduates with an awareness of industrial productivity. 


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Industry advisory board 




Alex Moran 

Manager – Network Innovation & Intelligence 


Amit Gupta 

CV/AI Researcher 


Brett Swanson 

Principal Research Scientist 


Grant Garraway 

Systems Engineering Discipline Lead 


Julie Mikhail 

Managing Director 

Engineering Business 

Kerim Mekki 

Technical Director 


Michael Stack 

General Manager and Technical Lead 

Tyree Transformers 

Narelle Clark Chief Executive Officer Internet Association of Australia
Simon Blyth Managing Director LX Innovations

Alumni profiles

Find out what our alumni have been doing since graduating from the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. There are many different paths to follow with one of our qualifications, and these inspirational journeys demonstrate the breadth of your potential futures.  

Our research

Our researchers work in a wide range of areas, where many have very strong international reputations. Broadly, we cover the disciplines of Energy Systems, Nano/Micro Systems, Systems and Control, Telecommunications and Signal Processing.

Industry partnerships

We produce some of the world’s top engineers and we also develop innovative products and systems that challenge the way things are done. Explore our industry partnerships and read about our most recent achievements.   

Industrial training

UNSW Engineering students are required to undertake 60 days of industrial training. This is a great opportunity for employers to engage with potential future employees and to mentor the next generation of engineers.