If you’re a high school student interested in maths and physics, then our UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is a great choice for you. With degrees grounded in problem-solving and practical skills ranging from big machinery to small circuits, our students learn from world-renowned lecturers and leading researchers in the field.  

Find out more about where this fulfilling career path can take you and what you need to know to study with us at UNSW Engineering. 


Build the foundations of your engineering career with an undergraduate degree from the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.
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About us

Our School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications offers a world-class, challenging and well-balanced learning environment. Discover why our education is recognised for its quality and innovation, reflected in high student experience scores and many teaching awards.

Women in engineering

Women make up half the population but only 10% of engineers in the industry. We’re determined to change this statistic through our Women in Engineering program – an initiative to inspire and support young women to pursue engineering degrees and careers. 

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Assumed knowledge 

Many of our courses require assumed knowledge and skills in essay-writing and oral presentations. Before you study engineering with us, learn about which senior high school subjects you need to be fully prepared.  

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Guaranteed entry 

Guaranteed entry allows us to tell you today what selection rank (ATAR + adjustment factors) will guarantee you a place in a particular engineering degree. Find out about the ATAR and adjustments factors that will guarantee you a place in your UNSW degree.  

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Adjustment factors 

We offer three extra support schemes to help you meet our entry requirements: HSC Plus, Elite Athletes and Performers and the ACCESS scheme. 

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