Congratulations on receiving an offer of admission to one of the research programs in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (EE&T). 

Our School produces research of high calibre and every year we publish in international conference proceedings and top ranked journals. It is important to the School that we assist postgraduate students during the course of their study with us. We have a wide range of services and facilities that are available for postgraduate research students and have allocated funds to the various research groups within the School to facilitate these resources. We have a very vibrant and active Postgraduate Society. 

Each student is entitled to some financial assistance with travel and registration costs for your attendance at national or international conferences. We also provide a small stipend for you to purchase books and any other resources relevant to your research. Your supervisor and Head of Research Group may have additional funding available for further support for conference attendance. The relevant Heads of Research in our School are:


 Prof John Fletcher

 Energy Systems

 Prof Andrey Savkin

 Systems and Control

 Prof Rodica Ramer

 Nano/Micro Systems

 Prof Jinhong Yuan

 Telecommunications (Including Photonics)

 Prof Andrew Dempster

 Signal Processing


 Your research supervisor is your first point of contact if you experience any problems with your research activity (including any personal or financial difficulties that are impacting your research) and you can also contact the Head of your Research Group.

In addition, the Postgraduate Research Student Coordinator A/Prof Rukmi Dutta, the Head of School Prof Julien Epps and the Assistant Postgraduate Research Coordinator Dr Georgios Konstantinou, are available to help you. You are also welcome to contact me during the course of your study. Once you have enrolled, you will receive information outline the University’s policies on confidentiality and the mechanisms for addressing student grievances, all of which you should read prior to commencing your research.

Please note that University regulations require that postgraduate students be informed of their rights and responsibilities. These are clearly outlined, in the two publications that you can collect from the Graduate Research School (GRS), “Postgraduate Handbook” and Guidelines for the Supervision of Postgraduate Students”. The second book is designed for academic staff, but it clearly outlines the expectations you may reasonably hold on the level and quality of the involvement of your supervisor in your PhD program.

Once again, welcome to our team and I wish you every success in your research and study at our School.

Professor Julien Epps

Head of School, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

University of New South Wales