Every year, we host a competition to recognise the best thesis poster presentation by final year students. The entries are judged by school academics, with the best posters presented at the annual Thesis Poster Reception. The top ten are displayed in the school’s meeting room, and the best three are awarded cash prizes and a certificate.

See below for a list of past winners. 

  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Research areas
    1 Kristjan Semmelweis Cryogenic Electronics for Quantum Computing Dr Chris Escott, Gilbert William Microsystem
    2 Tanya Bareja Identification of non-compliant behaviour in Australian grid connection simulations of inverter-based power systems Dr Georgios Konstantinou Energy Systems
    3 Alicia Lieng Thermal Simulation of Silicon Quantum Devices Dr Chris Escott Energy Systems
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Research areas
    1 Nicholas Rozenauers Cable Controller Design for Uncrewed Surface Vehicle Dr Arash Khatamianfar Systems and Control
    2 Jack Murray Machine learning for language/accent identification Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu Signal Processing
    3 Zhuoyu Chen Characterisation of oxide quality for silicon quantum dot devices Dr Wee Han Lim Quantum
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Research areas
    1 Laura O'Neill Piezoelectric actuators for quantum computing Prof Andrea Morello Quantum
    2 Tim Luo Quantifying Uncertainty Within Speaker Verification Models Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu Signal Processing
    2 Cameron Jones Control Modelling for Grid Connected Inverters A/Prof Jayashri Ravishankar Energy Systems
    2 Marlize Nel Engineering Education, Re-evaluating First Year, Electrical, Design Courses Dr Arash  Khatamianfar Systems and Control
    3 Gina Matthews Microelectronic circuits for time-based signal processing A/Prof Torsten Lehmann Microsystems & Microelectronics 
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Research areas
    1 Xi Yu Diagnostic Method for Silicon Quantum Devices Prof Andrea Morello Quantum
    2 Cheng Shen Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications with Software Defined Radio  Prof Jinhong Yuan Telecommunications
    3 Aadil Ali Servo Control of Cuff Pressure for Non-Invasive Measurements of Blood Pressure Prof Branko Celler Systems and Control
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Research areas
    1 Antoni Dimitriadis Improving JPE2000 Compression with Machine Learning Prof David Taubman Signal Processing
    2 Harrison Price Airborne GNSS Reflectometry Using Multi-Antenna Methods Dr Joon Wayn Cheong Signal Processings
    3 Victor Siu Light Induced Degradation in Indium-doped Wafers Dr Ziv Hameiri/ Dr Georgios Konstantinou Energy Systems
    3 Harry Kreicers Parametric Amplifiers for Quantum Limited Measurement

    Dr Jarryd Pla

    Microsystems & Microelectronics 
    3 Jonathan Huang A High-Sensitivity Single-Electron Charge Detector for Few-Kelvin Silicon Quantum Computing Prof Andrew Dzurak Microsystems & Microelectronics 
    3 William Green Exploring Cryptocurrencies via Point Processes Prof Victor Solo Systems & Control
    3 Akiran Pather Queue Length Measurement: Instrumentation, Data Collection and Analysis Dr Hassan Habibi Telecommunication
    4 Jingyao Wu

    Detection of Ambiguous Ordinal Emotion Labels

    Dr Vidhya Sethu Signal Processing
    4 Daniel Li

    Image Content Based Optimiser for Scanned PDF Documents

    Prof David Taubman Signal Processing
    4 Damian Sofrevski Optical Circuit WDM Design for a Brain Machine Interface Prof Francois Ladouceur Telecommunication
  • Winner  Recipient Poster Title Supervisor Research area
    1 Angus Keatinge Automatic Piano Tuner Prof Julien Epps Signal Processing
    2 Dennis Otter

    Automated tuning of single-atom qubits using machine learning for silicon quantum computing

    Prof Andrea Morello Microelectronics & Microsystems
    3 My-Linh Nguyen

    Nuclear Batteries for Cubesats

    Dr Edward Obbard Nuclear Systems
    3 Yen Nee Ho Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Dr Aron Michael  Microelectronics & Microsystems
    3 Michael Hamilton Camera array for light field processing Dr Chamith Wijenayake Microelectronics & Microsystems
    6 Thomas Dransfield Compact MPPT for solar electric vehicle application Prof John Fletcher Energy Systems
    6 Michael Phillips Graph Signal Processing and its Applications Prof Victor Solo Systems & Control
    8 Scott Watts Facilitating transactions in an electric vehicle microgrid with blockchain technology Prof Joe Dong Energy Systems
    8 Max Fisher Extraction of nutrition information from food packaging using a smartphone camera Prof Julien Epps Signal Processing
    9 Jacqueline Kernahan Defining friction sensing response in finger Prof Victor Solo Systems & Control
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Research area
    1 Fred Greer Integrated GNSS Reference Station For Drone-Based Surveying Dr Alexander VonBrasch Telecommunications
    2 Anh Luong Reducing Overfitting in Deep Neural Network for Emotion Recognition through Bayesian Learning Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu

    Signal Processings


    3 Victor Lim VisionVest: Design of New Mobility & Orientation Aid Device Dr Alexander VonBrasch Telecommunications
    4 Angus Fletcher Optimised Antenna Pattern for GPS Reflectometry

    Prof Andrew Dempster

    Signal Processing
    5 Daniel Parker

    Developing Effective Mass Theory for Simulations of Practical Quantum Devices

    Dr Jarryd Pla Microelectronics 
    6 Minzhao Lyu iTeleScope: Intelligent Video Telemetry and Classification using Software Defined Networking Prof Vijay Sivaraman Telecommunications
    7 Dominic Chan

    Adiabatic Charge Recycling for Improved Switched Capacitor Converter Efficiency

    A/Prof Torsten Lehmann Microelectronics
    8 James Gray Automatic Eye Activity Analysis A/Prof Julien Epps Signal Processing
    9 Jeremy Bell Speaker Localisation with Multiple Microphone Arrays Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu Signal Processing
    10 Colin Lam Eye Activity Analysis to Detect Fatigue A/Prof Julien Epps Signal Processing
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Assessor
    1 Mark Johnson Ultra-high Fidelity Spin Qubit Initialisation  using Digital Feedback Prof Andrea Morello Prof Andrew Dzurak
    1 Matthew Rowe Development Of AIRIAL -  Artificial Intelligence For Relationship Insight and Learning A/Prof Julien Epps Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu
    3 Chung Lam Sub-nanoscale in-plane displacement transducer using silicon photonics Dr Aron Michael Prof Chee Yee Kwok
    4 Benjamin Xia Instrumentation of a Tactile Sensor for Detecting Incipient Slip Dr Stephen Redmond A/Prof Torsten Lehmann
    4 Charbel Rezcallah Coded Slotted ALOHA for 5G Machine-to-Machine Communication on Software Defined Radio Prof Jinhong Yuan A/Prof Wei Zhang
    4 Tara Sutjarittham Visualisation of ISP Broadband Performance Prof Vijay Sivaraman Dr Tim Moors
    7 Shilpa Kala Control Strategies for Integrating Renewable Generators to Sub-Transmission Networks Prof John Fletcher Dr Georgios Konstantinou
    8 Matthew Davis Implementation of Inertia Emulation With Battery Inverters Prof John Fletcher Dr Georgios Konstantinou
    9 Kevin Fuguet Simoes COMSOL Simulations of Silicon Quantum Dot Based Qubit Architectures for Quantum Computation Prof Andrew Dzurak Dr Jarryd Pla 

    Jeffrey Cribbin

    IC Process Characterization Using On Chip RAMs A/Prof Torsten Lehmann Dr Aron Michael
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Assessor
    1 Michael Fogarty Silicon nanoelectronic devices for quantum computation Prof Andrew Dzurak A/Prof Andrea Morello
    2 Cameron Brown Ultra-low power RF subsystems for biomedical implants A/Prof Torsten Lehmann Prof Rodica Ramer
    3 Hayden Matthew Wittig Thin AC converter technology for utilities Prof John Fletcher Dr Ricardo Aguilera
    4 Mitchell Scott Ward Spatial induction policies for breakpoint mediated depth coding Prof David Taubman A/Prof Julien Epps

    Ruichen Zhao

    Quantum devices for a new electrical current standard Prof Andrew Dzurak/ Dr Alessandro Rossi A/Prof Andrea Morello
    6 Juan Esteban Johnson Undurra Polyphonic music transcription device Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah/ Dr Sethu Vidhyasaharan Prof Rodica Ramer
    7 Ennis Shane RF transceiver design for a wearable falls monitor Prof Nigel Lovell Dr Stephen Redmond
    8 Yuxin Sun Quantum devices for a new electrical current standard Prof Andrew Dzurak & Dr Alessandro Rossi A/Prof Andrea Morello
    9 David Stuart Sproule The impact of high penetration photovoltaic systems on the electricity grid A/Prof Iain MacGill Dr Mihai Ciobotaru
    10 Abraham William Minimising interference from frequency-hopping spread spectrum signals through active interference cancellation Dr Alex Von Brasch A/Prof Wei Zhang 
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Assessor
    1 Matthew Brown Polyphonic Music Transcription Julien Epps Vidhya Sethu
    2 Richard Sofatzis Neuromorphic Vision Tara Hamilton Hendra Nurdin
    3 Jacob Bass Software Defined Networking - Platform and Use Cases Vijay Sivaraman Jinhong Yuan
    4 Benjamin Barker Effects of Embedded Generation of Sydney CBD's 11kV Distribution Network John Fletcher Faz Rahman
    5 Rowan Katekar Periodicity Characterisation of DNA Julien Epps Barnaby Osborne
    6 Sam Jiang Engineering Microwave Cavities for Long Distance Coupling of Spin Qubits Andrea Morello Andrew Dzurak
    6 Yu Wang and Malcolm Wong Eye Tracking System & Mental Load Estimation Julien Epps Vidhya Sethu
    8 James Moody Arc Flash Safety - An Industry Review Colin Grantham Jayashri Ravishankar
    9 Mikhal Pugoy Visual Servoing of Inverted Pendulum Victor Solo Ray Eaton
    10 Vishnu Unnikrishnan

    Haze Watch - Designing an Android Interface

    Vijay SivaramanAndrea Morello

    Vijay Sivaraman Andrea Morello
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Assessor

    Thomas Cooney

    Electronic Circuits for L-Band Phased Array Synthetic Aperture Radar Torsten Lehmann Rodica Ramer
    2 Saeed Afshar Neuromorphic Architectures Tara Hamilton Andrew Dzurak
    3 David Shepherd Fault Response of a Three Phase Grid Connected  John Fletcher Francois Ladouceur
    4 Olivier Nsabimana Modeling and Control in Neuro-Stimulation John Parker/Julien Epps Ray Eaton
    5 Jiawei Xie Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Platform Yong Li/Ray Eaton Zhiyu Xu
    6 David Ma A Real-Time Speech Emotion Recognition System  Julien Epps Elias Aboutanios
    7 Matthew Kelly Design of Wireless Sensorboard for an Air Pollution Monitoring System  Julien Epps Jinhong Yuan
    8 Benjamin Tan

    Power Generating Floorboards

    Jayashri Ravishankar Gang Ding Peng
    9 Tianle Tong

    High-Speed Multi-Stage Noise Shaping EA DAC with Dynamic Element Matching

    Tara Hamilton Rodica Ramer
    10 Rian Finnegan and Nor Aida Mohamed Akil        Electric Bicycle Faz Rahman Chee Kwok
  • Winner Recipient Poster title Supervisor Assessor
    1 Rachpon Kalra Silicon single-atom qunatum bit with tuneable readout time Andrea Morello Andrew Dzurak
    2 Chi Man Cheng Control and readout of a quantum dot electron spin qubit Andrew Dzurak Andrea Morello
    3 David Moussa Communication over an electric field Elias Aboutanios David Taubman
    4 Nicholas Peter Cummins Recognition of mental state from speech Julien Epps Eliathamby Ambikairajah & Ning Wang
    5 Martin Hugh Hemphill Electric vehicles: a grid perspective Iain MacGill Mohammad Salay Naderi
    6 Andrew James Cook Energy Expenditure Tara Julia Hamilton & Stephen Redmond Andrea Morello
    7 Perrin Alexander Stephenson Fault classification for fire prevention in single wire earth return power networks Toan Phung & Terry Lampard Trevor Blackburn
    8 Tristan Morgan VISHI Visual stimuli for the hearing impaired Tara Julia Hamilton Andrea Morello

    Kuan Jien Dennis Ong

    Networked sensors for locating acoustic sources Tim Moors Wei Zhang
    10 Dawei Lu & Kunxuan Bi Android interface for pollution monitoring system Vijay Sivaraman Tim Moors