Research groups

Electrical Engineering students

Our UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is active in a wide range of research, broadly grouped into the following key disciplines:

  • Energy Systems 
  • Nano/Micro Systems 
  • Systems and Control 
  • Signal Processing 
  • Telecommunications (wireless, data networks, photonics) 

Our researchers are not only engaged in projects within the school but are also active in various centres such as: Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research, ASCER

  • Australian National Fabrication Facility, ANFF  
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Markets, CEEM  
  • Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, CQC2T  
  • Energy systems research focuses on advanced power conversion and power systems applications which include the electricity grid, automotive and aerospace applications, and energy market economy.

  • The Microsystems Research Group conducts research over a diverse range of disciplines, covering the study and manufacture of electronic devices and components in the nanometre and several hundreds of microns scale.

  • Systems and control research at UNSW focuses on cross-disciplinary activity with applications drawn from any discipline where dynamic systems are relevant.

  • The Telecommunications Research Group consists of research and teaching in four broad areas: wireless communications, data network, signal processing and photonics.

  • Research in the signal processing group concentrates on audio, video and image processing, compression and analysis, as well as navigation and positioning signal processing.