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If you’re a current or prospective student at the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, here’s a collection of useful resources. They’ll contribute to making your university experience run smoothly, supporting you on your academic journey from enrolment to graduation. 

General policies & procedures 

Industrial training 

All Bachelor of Engineering students are required to complete a minimum of 60 days of industrial training as a component of their degrees. 


Find information on when specific courses are running, as well as exam dates and special events. This includes thesis-specific dates and information for students undertaking double degrees.

4th year thesis & postgraduate project

A step-by-step instructional guide to selecting your thesis/project topic. Register your interest and find the right supervisor for your continuing studies.

Course outlines

Detailed summaries of course aims, outcomes, assessments and other administrative information. Find links to lecture notes, required textbooks and recommended study techniques.


Structured guides to core courses and electives within our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. A roadmap to your academic future, including up-to-date PDFs with vital information.

Online forms

Whether you’re graduating or applying for casual academic positions, visit our central repository for workshop requisition forms, assignment cover sheets and other useful paperwork.

Postgraduate research resources

Find assistance with enrolment and other administrative information regarding your studies with us at UNSW. This includes key contacts, timetables and scholarship details, as well as an HDR welcome guide.

Postgraduate coursework resources

Learn the details of how you’ll be studying, potential future career paths and the answers to any other questions you may have. This section also features links to Industrial Training information and key contacts.

Undergraduate resources

Find help with your enrolment and other information to assist with starting your undergraduate studies at UNSW. This includes special dates and deadlines, policies and procedures, and contact information.

Health & Safety (WHS)

Health & Safety and Access information for the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

Academic information

Further resources and material on studying with us at UNSW, including international exchange and graduation.