Academic information

Students and family celebrate graduation.

If you’re a student at UNSW, you can access information that will assist your academic study and future planning. Learn about our international exchange and internal transfer programs, credit transfer eligibility, codes of conduct, thesis research and more.

Course outlines

Course outlines articulate the objectives, structure and assessment activities for each individual course. Explore information about your course so you can make informed decisions and manage your workload.
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Transitional arrangements

When new courses are introduced to the curriculum, old courses may be phased out. Stay updated on transitional arrangements for all UNSW Engineering Schools.
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UNSW Handbook

The UNSW Handbook  is your comprehensive online guide to degree programs, specialisations and courses offered at UNSW.
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Undergraduate and postgraduate students can choose electives from a wide range of courses offered by UNSW Engineering. We also offer general education and technical management courses as an integral part of some degrees.
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International exchange

As a UNSW student, you’re eligible to spend one or two semesters overseas at a partner university and gain credit towards your degree. Find out about our exchange programs and scholarships.
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Undergraduate program transfers

If you’re an undergraduate student, you can study at UNSW and apply for a program via our Internal Program Transfer or Universities Admission Centre.
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The ChallENG Program

The ChallENG Program connects UNSW Engineering students, academics and industry to exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives. The program prepares students for their future careers by taking their learning experiences to the next level.
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Student resources

We provide a variety of UNSW Engineering student resources and services to assist with your study. Access everything from Moodle to enrolment rules and information on key contacts.
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Postgraduate thesis

Postgraduate students are required to complete an advanced postgraduate thesis research project. This project involves an independent investigation at an advanced level.
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Undergraduate thesis

UNSW Engineering students are required to complete an undergraduate thesis project during the 4th year of their study.
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Bachelor of Engineering Science program information

Learn more about the Bachelor of Engineering Science with key information, advice and frequently asked questions.