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Welcome to UNSW Chemical Engineering

The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering is well known in the industry as a top provider of quality education and cutting-edge research. We’re ranked 13th in the world and 1st in Australia by the NTU Ranking of Scientific Papers.

Our aim is to deliver the best we possibly can to the future of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Food Science and Technology. Our passionate academics are eager to share their vast knowledge and experience with graduate students and we’re at the forefront of innovation and emerging technologies through several international research groups and centres.

Our new home, the Science and Engineering Building, opened in 2019 and currently houses world-class laboratory facilities, student study rooms, and office space for more than graduate 200 students.

Message from the Head of School

The School of Chemical Engineering is a combination of ambitious and experienced academics, dedicated professional staff and talented students who are all eager to share, learn and excel at the forefront of exciting research, innovations and emerging technologies. The School is globally competitive and is regarded as one of the top chemical engineering schools in Australia and the World. We have many years of teaching excellence (since 1949) and are home to some of the world’s leading researchers.

Our students have the benefit of working alongside some of the best researchers within their disciplines, where they can develop new research to provide real-world solutions for tomorrow's challenges. As innovators, their work benefits the community, governments and industry, both locally and internationally.

Our vision is one of continued global leadership in research excellence and above all, driving positive change and developing effective solutions addressing the world’s most urgent problems.

We continue to make an impact in Australia and around the world, and our contributions have won numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. With our state-of-the-art facilities, world class researchers and some of the country's brightest students, we are well placed to shape the chemical engineering and food industries of the future.

I encourage you to explore our website to find out more about our diverse and extensive programs, our advanced research and our strong links with industry and alumni.

- Professor Guangzhao Mao, Head of School


In 2022, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical Engineering at UNSW was assessed and received accreditation by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and Engineers Australia. Accreditation provides benchmarking of academic programs, graduate training schemes, and third-party courses against high, internationally recognised standards.

Similarly, our 4-year (Honours) program in Food Science as part of the undergraduate streams Food Science and Technology and Food Science and Nutrition, are accredited by the International Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Rankings & reputation

UNSW Engineering is renowned for the quality of its graduates and its world-class research. We’ve set world records in Quantum Computing, created Australia’s first fuel-cell bicycle and pioneered revolutionary ways for drug delivery.

UNSW School of Chemical Engineering is ranked in the top 50 globally by QS World. The NTU Ranking of Scientific Papers also rates us 1st in Australia and 13th in the world.

UNSW 2025 strategic plan

The UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan sets out the priorities that will guide UNSW through the next decade to be Australia’s Global University. We aim to make a real difference to communities by leading discovery, problem-solving innovation, education, thought leadership and a commitment to advancing a just society.

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Our researchers provide ideas and solutions that refine and improve manufacturing processes, introduce smarter, better-performing materials and address the increasing importance of sustainability in everything we do.

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Our alumni and industry connections are core to the way we work, preparing current students for the future and maintaining a global focus.

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Chemical engineering

Become a universal engineer, working within a very broad specialisation. Chemical engineers design create and optimise the systems and equipment used in chemical, industrial, biological and environmental processes.

Chemical product engineering

Apply a commercial lens to your deep knowledge of chemical engineering by assembling complex new materials and breakthrough technologies into innovative products.

Food science & technology

Work with every aspect of food, from flavours and nutritional content to product development, consumer appeal, food storage and safety.

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