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Meet some of our School of Chemical Engineering alumni

Alumni gathering in a meeting room
Isabella Notarpietro

Junior Energy Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA), Paris

"I love my job as it enables me to work at the intersection of engineering and policy – some days, I’m deep in energy balances and leveraging my engineering skills, others I’m writing policy reports and very often I’m doing a mix of the two."

Anthony Canfell
May 31, 2024

Chief Advisor Processing & Technology at Rio Tinto

“As I am sure you know it is a tough degree and I remember at times feeling like my university undergrad would go forever!  Like all big things in life, it helps to chunk it down in your mind to manageable sections of time and know that eventually it does end, and you will graduate!”

Ian Phillipps

Director, General Manager at Photon Energy Group

“My time at UNSW was very seriously a life highlight. The friendships, study experiences, and opportunity to be on a vibrant campus having comes from a small country town, was truly wonderful.”

John Zhao

Engineer, Hydroflux Pty Ltd

“I use the knowledge I gained at university daily, such as mass balance, thermodynamics, and membrane systems, to name a few. I would say my study at UNSW also prepared me for the real world of engineering.”

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In 2020, we launched the "Inspiring Alumni" series offering a platform for students to connect with our alumni. The series has featured numerous notable alumni, and exemplifies the school’s dedication to fostering a supportive community, celebrating alumni achievements, and inspiring future Chemical Engineering students. 

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At the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering we cover a wide range of study areas and are associated with many different professional societies.

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The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering was set up with the industry in mind. Since we opened our doors over 60 years ago, we've had strong, close links with industry.