Innovative, clean & green sustainable energy systems

The world is experiencing an energy revolution and needs reliable sources of energy. As we move away from traditional fossil fuels that have powered us since the industrial revolution, our research must support a growing, zero-carbon economy.

As a global leader in energy innovation, we're exploring ways energy is sourced and used and reinventing how we extract it, to feed our ever-growing energy needs.

To date, we have developed innovative technologies for affordable, clean and sustainable energy systems – including producing synthetic chemicals and fuels directly from sunlight, high-performance storage systems that capture hydrogen and generating biofuel from wastewater purification processes.

A new path for the development of effective hydrogen storage materials

Researchers at UNSW School of Chemical Engineering believe they have bridged the gap to one of the most important fuel sources of our time – Hydrogen. Although available in abundance, problems of storage have proved insurmountable barriers to furthering the use of this clean energy source. Now, using atomic structures, our researchers have discovered a way to harness and store hydrogen – the synthetic fuel of the future – providing a new hope for the future of directly harvesting energy from sustainable sources such as wind, solar and hydro.

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