Associate Professor Jason Scott
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Associate Professor Jason Scott

School of Chemical Engineering

A/Prof Jason Scott is a Deputy Leader of the Particle and Catalysis Research Group. He joined PartCat in 2002 and has extensive experience in particle fabrication, photocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis and heterogeneous catalysis. He also has a strong interest in developing sustainable technologies to address the challenges in securing national and international energy resources as well as tackle environmental pollution. His research focused on developing new materials, heterogeneous catalysis, and photo(electro)catalysis for environmental remediation and sustainable energy applications.

A/Prof Scott has successfully supervised/co-supervised 29 PhD students and 7 Masters students in the field of catalysis and photo(electro)catalysis . Currently he has supervises/co-supervises 11 PhD students. He has also supervised 60+ undergraduate students (Honors thesis projects) while with PartCat. He is regularly invited to examine PhD theses in photocatalysis and catalysis and has reviewed over 180 manuscripts for various international journals including Nature Catalysis, Nature Communications, Angewandte Chemie, ACS Catalysis, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Journal of Materials Chemistry: A, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Catalysis, Chemical Engineering Journal and others pertaining to materials, catalysis and photocatalysis. He has also been an ARC International Reader over the period 2007 - 2021. He has an H-index of 44, has published 1 book chapter and co-authored 163 refereed journal articles with his work cited over 6000 times.

Competitive Grants and Leadership

A/Prof Scott is currently the lead CI on a 3-year ARENA Project (2019-2021) to sustainably extract hydrogen from waste biomass as well as lead CI on an ARC DP (2021-2023) to develop organic electrolysers which couple renewable hydrogen generation with selective organic production. He was a Lead Investigator ona 4 year Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) Project (2008 - 2012) as well as a Project Manager for a 2 year CRC-WMPC project that successfully scaled up particle preparation and application of a magnetic photocatalyst for water treatment. He is/has been CI on AUD$20M worth of research funding. Research funding (CI) awarded over the past five years includes:

ARC IC200100023: ARC Training Centre for The Global Hydrogen Economy ($4,921K)
ARC DP210102694: Designing a photo-electro-catalysis system for selective organic oxidation ($521K)
ARC DP170102410: Unlocking the catalytic activity of metal oxides through hybrid catalysis ($497K)
ARC DP170102895: Advanced anodisation methods and materials for solar water splitting ($315K)
ARC LP170100137: Engineering defect-intensive ozonation catalysts to degrade micropollutants ($562K)
ARC IH180100020: ARC Research Hub for integrated energy solutions ($3,100K)
ARC LE210100084: Flexible Flame Aerosol Synthesis Technology ($269K)
ARC LE170100691: Integrated thin film facility for catalysis and energy materials research ($358K)
ARENA (2018/RND015):  A Zero-Emission All Solar-driven Tandem Biomass-to-Hydrogen Technology ($1,045K)
ACS PRF (PRF61351-ND10): Single atom catalysts on silicon carbide/nitride for selective methane oxidation using modular pre-ceramic polymers ($144K)



Professional Activities

  • Dr Scott has presented his research findings at over 20 national and international conferences and has been Invited speaker at a number of international conferences, including the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix Arizona, 2018; 1st International Team Meeting, St Petersberg, Russia, 2017; Catalysis Society of Australia Workshop, Melbourne, Australia, 2015; the 6th International Conference of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (AMN6), Auckland New Zealand, 2013; UNSW-POSTECH Workshop on Energy and Materials, Pohang (2009), and the 33rd Review Meeting of University of Minnesota Centre for Filtration (2008)
  • Dr Scott also actively involved in the organisation of International Conferences such as the 17th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (IPS17) held in Sydney, 2008; CHEMECA 2011 in Sydney and CHEMECA 2012 in New Zealand (organiser for the David Trimm Catalysis Award)

Top Ten Publications

  1. Lou, SN, Sharma, N, Goonetilleke, D, Saputera, WH, Leoni, TM, Brockbank, P, Lim, S, Wang, DW, Scott, J, Amal, R, Ng, YH, ‘An operando mechanistic evaluation of a solar-rechargeable sodium-ion intercalation battery’, Advanced Energy Materials, 7(19), 1700545, 2017 [IF:21.88, cited 5]
  2. Toe, CY, Scott, J, Amal, R, Ng, YH,, ‘Recent advances in suppressing the photocorrosion of cuprous oxide for photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical energy conversion’, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews, Article in Press, 2019 [IF: 15.33, cited 1]
  3. Toe, CY, Zheng, Z, Wu, H, Scott, J, Amal, R, Ng, YH, ‘Photocorrosion of cuprous oxide in hydrogen production: Rationalising self-oxidation or self-reduction’, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 57(41), 13613-13617, 2018 [IF: 12.10, cited 2]
  4. Wang, Y, Arandiyan, H, Tahini, HA, Scott, J, Tan, X, Dai, H, Gale, J, Smith, S, Amal, R, ‘The controlled disassembly of mesostructured perovskites as an avenue to fabricating high performance nanohybrid catalysts’, Nature Communications, 8, 15553, 2017 [IF:12.35, cited 16]
  5. Saputera, WH, Scott, J, Tahini, H, Low, GKC, Tan, X, Smith, S, Wang, DW, Amal, R, ‘Light, Catalyst, Activation: Boosting catalytic oxygen activation using a light pretreatment approach’, ACS Catalysis, 7(5), 3644-3653, 2017 [IF: 11.38, cited 5]
  6. Teoh, WY, Scott, JA, Amal, R, ‘Progress in heterogeneous photocatalysis: From classical radical chemistry to engineering nanomaterials and solar reactors’, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 3(5), 629-639, 2012 [IF: 8.71, cited 252]
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  8. Wu, X, Ng, YH, Wang, L, Du, Y, Dou, SX, Amal, R, Scott, J, ‘Improving the photo-oxidative capability of BiOBr via crystal facet engineering’, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(17), 8117-8124, 2017 [IF: 9.93, cited 35]
  9. Lou, SN, Scott, J, Iwase, A, Amal, R, Ng, YH, ‘Photoelectrochemical water oxidation using a Bi2MoO6/MoO3 heterojunction photoanode synthesised by hydrothermal treatment of an anodised MoO3 thin film’, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4(18), 6964-6971, 2016 [IF: 9.93, cited 27]
  10. Tan, TH, Scott, J, Ng, YH, Taylor, RA, Aguey-Zinsou, KF, Amal, R, ‘Understanding plasmon and band gap photoexcitation effects on the thermal catalytic oxidation of ethanol by TiO2-supported gold’, ACS Catalysis, 6(3), 1870-187, 2016 [IF: 11.38, cited 40]
Tyree Energy Technology Building (H6) Level 3, Room 346 Kensington Campus
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