Dr Jian Pan

Dr Jian Pan

School of Chemical Engineering


PhD in Chemical Engineering                     University of Queensland

PhD in Materials Science & Engineering    Chinese Academy of Sciences

BSc in Materials Chemistry                         China University of Petroleum

Professional Experience:

2019 - present:  ARC DECRA Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales

2018 - 2019:      Laboratory Manager, UNSW-BUCT-CWRU International Joint Laboratory, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales.

2017 - 2019:      Research Associate, Particles and Catalysis Research Group, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales

2015 - 2017:      Research Associate,  Fuels and Energy Technology Institute (FETI), Department of Chemical Engineering, Curtin University.

Research Experience:

2017 - present: CO2 Reduction, Electrocatalysis, Solar Thermal Engineering Design. Working with Prof Rose Amal in UNSW.

2015 - 2017: Photo-/electro- catalysis for water splittingFuel Cells, and CO2 Reduction. Working with Prof San Ping Jiang in Curtin University;

2011 - 2013: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Working with Prof Lianzhou Wang in University of Queensland;

2007 - 2014: Photocatalytic Water Splitting. Working with Prof Hui-Ming Cheng in Insitute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Teaching Experience

Semester 1, 2016: Lecturing photocatalysis and photocatalysts in the course CHEN4014 “Advanced Particle Processes” at Curtin University. 

  • Journal articles | 2022
    Zhao Y; Kumar PV; Tan X; Lu X; Zhu X; Jiang J; Pan J; Xi S; Yang HY; Ma Z; Wan T; Chu D; Jiang W; Smith SC; Amal R; Han Z; Lu X, 2022, 'Modulating Pt-O-Pt atomic clusters with isolated cobalt atoms for enhanced hydrogen evolution catalysis', Nature Communications, vol. 13, pp. 2430, http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-30155-4