Why partner with UNSW Engineering?

Collective impact across the globe.

Earth at night was holding in human hands. Earth day. Energy saving concept, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Eye to the future

A good question has multiple answers.
A good answer solves multiple problems.
A good problem keeps humanity reaching.

The character of our society is the product of the questions we ask ourselves everyday as leaders. What type of impact are we having on the world? What is the goal of technology and its role in human evolution? Where are our limits, if any?

Research is the starting line for understanding these questions.

Depending on your field of choice, you'll likely get a different answer. Our biomedical researchers would say using artificial materials for extended lifespans is our goal; life-cycle designers might say it’s to reduce our footprint by revitalizing old technology, whilst a high-tech metals specialist might prioritise discovering new materials off-world. We are at the nexus of societal impact, and the goal posts are always shifting. We keep one eye on the future, and the other on the present. 

We are a team of fearless leaders with diverging ideas to point out our blind spots. When fearless leaders collaborate, ideas change and systems transform.

Our Specialised Impact Network

Our Schools, Centres, Institutes, Partners and Investors are always evolving. We play a central role as a connector, bringing together talented people at different stages of the research and development journey.  

Our door is always open

We partner with companies of all shapes and sizes, providing the talent, vision and capability you need to be an investor or inventor of technology for humanity. From start-up to scale-up, we provide people and teams with the platform they need to be part of the solution. 

Have an idea? Need a hand getting started? Let’s get to work.

A platform for emerging leaders

UNSW engineers are self-starters by nature and reputation, driving new paradigms in areas such as energy resources, health, and decarbonisation. Many of our graduates go on to start businesses of their own or pursue their passion in the form of a PhD to deepen their understanding of a field.

Research Translators

Steer your R&D challenges to us and see where the answers might take you. We’ll work together to transform research into meaningful change – whether the project takes less than a year or longer.

Co-locate on campus

Bring your vision for the future on-campus and into one of our makerspaces. Where we share physical space, research ambitions and a drive to unearth new understanding.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Unlock both specialist equipment and the engineers who are best-equipped to use it. Some of our facilities also offer commercial consulting, to plug in an extra layer of understanding to your project.

Student PhDs

Keep yours – and your business’ eyes – fixed on the future, with training and courses to progress your perspective and your output. Or bring the next wave of bright ideas straight into your workforce, with engineering PhD and students.

Get in touch and see what’s possible.

Ask how we can help your business, industry, or market through collaboration.