Women in Engineering

Discover how you can change the world

UNSW Sydney is committed to inspiring young women to pursue a career in engineering. The Women in Engineering program aims to inspire girls to pursue engineering degrees and careers and support women studying engineering at UNSW. Since launching the program in 2014, UNSW has reached up to 15,000 high school girls through events, workshops and presentations and had a 78% increase in female first-year engineering enrolments.

Be inspired to explore a career in the diverse field of engineering. Our popular Girls in Engineering Club is a fun, engaging online community for high school girls who are interested in STEM, study maths or science at school, or who just want to explore what engineering is all about. We also offer a number of scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study and the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme – an alternate pathway for students who don’t meet the guaranteed entry rank.

Thrive in one of the largest female engineering communities in Australia. Our mentoring programs, student societies and valuable support networks aim to help you emerge from UNSW as a highly employable and qualified professional.

Get involved with the Women in Engineering program and community. We offer various sponsorship opportunities, scholarships and mentoring programs for current and future engineers at UNSW.