Abdul Mu'Izz Bin Haji Shazli

Abdul Mu'Izz Bin Haji Shazli

Q&A with Petroleum Engineering Student

Abdul Mu'Izz Bin Haji Shazli is a final-year student studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum) at UNSW. We spoke to Mu’Izz about why he chose to study petroleum engineering at UNSW and about his involvement with SPEUNSW as a committee member. 

Why did you choose to study Petroleum Engineering? 

I chose a degree in petroleum engineering because in Brunei where I come from, this degree is sought after in the job market as the main contribution to the economy is derived from hydrocarbon exports. With this degree, it could help to create sustainable development in the energy industry specifically oil and gas industry for Brunei. 

What do you like about your degree and what are your favourite classes? 

This degree is known to be a challenging course; hence it could better prepare me to compete in the competitive job market. As this is my final term, I enjoyed all my classes as most of them equipped me with the necessary skills and technical aspects required for the industry. I would also choose petroleum economics as my favourite class. 

Do you hold a Scholarship and what has it meant for you to be awarded this Scholarship? 

The Government of Brunei through the Ministry of Education has offered to fully sponsor my education in UNSW. I feel honoured to be selected for this scholarship amongst other potential candidates. It motivates me to study hard and push myself to excel academically and improve my social skills through joining clubs, social events and so on.  

What are your favourite things to do in or around UNSW and how can students make the most out of the UNSW experience? 

Unfortunately, I did not manage to spend much time in UNSW as I returned to my home country due to Covid-19. However, I joined the UNSW Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPEUNSW) as a committee member and it gave me opportunities to broaden my knowledge and skills. It also provided professional connections within the oil and gas industry through talks organized by UNSW and SPEUNSW. 

What do you think is the relevance of your degree and why is it important that it exists? 

This degree is important as the world is moving towards cleaner energy supply and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. This degree would prepare me with the necessary skills and knowledge to extract hydrocarbons in the most efficient way with minimum emissions. It would also help to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere through CO2 sequestration. 

What do you want to do after completing your degree? How do you think your studies at UNSW will help in your career aspirations? 

After completing the degree, I would brace myself to enter the competitive industry with the skills and knowledge that I have gained in UNSW, to be an engineer that can compete not only in Brunei but also globally. UNSW has provided me with vast resources throughout the degree such as great lecturers, industry software and learning materials. I am now confident that I could compete with other graduates from around the world. 

Can you share something about the resources & energy industry that might interest someone considering studies and a career in this industry? 

Some energy companies organize roadshows for prospective students for them to have a glimpse of what the industry has to offer.  

What advice would you give to a new/future student on how to excel at your degree? 

For prospective students, I would advise them to keep working hard throughout your studies as it is really challenging and to always be proactive in class to prevent yourself from falling behind. 

“UNSW has provided me with vast resources throughout the degree such as great lecturers, industry software and learning materials. I am now confident that I could compete with other graduates from around the world”