Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller

Recipient of the NSWMC Newcastle Mining Engineering Transfer Program

Zachary Miller is a current final year student studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mining) at UNSW. Zachary was awarded the Bachelor of Mining Engineering Transfer Program Scholarship which enables students who have achieved a good standing in the first two years of the Mining Transfer Program at the University of Newcastle, to complete their final two years in the UNSW Bachelor of Mining Engineering (Honours) program. 

We spoke to Zachary about why he chose to study mining engineering and how his scholarship supports his studies. 

Which degree are you currently doing and why you choose it? 

The main reason I chose mining over any other discipline was due to the scale that the industry operates on, it’s almost impossible to find another industry that will have you making multi-million-dollar decisions within a few years of graduating. UNSW’s School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering was the obvious choice. Their reputation as a global leader in mining engineering ensures that the skills and knowledge I obtain are of the highest standard. 

How do you think your studies at UNSW will help in your career aspirations? 

Obtaining an engineering degree from the 4th best mining engineering school in the world opens opportunities all over the globe. The problem-solving skills and fundamentals of a vast range of mining operations allow for a fast and smooth transition into any mining operation in any operating environment.  

Which Scholarship do you hold and what has it meant for you to be awarded this Scholarship? 

I was fortunate to receive the UNSWMC Newcastle Mining Engineering Transfer Program Scholarship, which reduces my workload and allows me to spend more time focusing on my studies. It also provides motivation knowing that there is ongoing support to finish my studies and contribute to the mining industry.  

What are your favourite things to do in or around UNSW and how can students make the most out of the UNSW Experience? 

One of the unique aspects of UNSW’s School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering is the comparatively smaller cohort numbers allowing for solid friendships with both students and lecturers. The student societies are great to be involved with as they provide endless opportunities and entertainment. With that being said, most of your free time will likely be spent drinking beer and playing pool at the Roundy.  

Can you share something about the resources & energy industry that might interest someone considering studies and a career in this industry?  

Modelling predicts that there will be a shortage of 90 graduate mining engineers in 2021, meaning that there are a vast number of opportunities across Australia at a very attractive salary. You will likely secure a paid internship during your second, if not first, summer vacation, where you might be doing anything from drill and blast designs to driving a dump truck.  

What advice would you give to a new/future student on how to excel at your degree? 

The best advice I could give, would be not to focus on marks, and instead, focus on learning, so you don’t look like an absolute idiot when you get to site. Get to know as many people as possible and become good friends. You’re going to be spending many late nights with them for many years to come! 

For more information on the NSWMC Newcastle Mining Engineering Transfer Program and to apply, click here. Applications are open until 30/09/2021 for commencement in Term 1 2022. 

“It’s almost impossible to find another industry that will have you making multi-million-dollar decisions within a few years of graduating”