Daniel Johnston
HDR Student

Daniel Johnston

Bachelor of Science – The University of Melbourne 2017, Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics), The University of Melbourne 2020
UNSW Canberra
School of Science
Current Research Projects:

Explicit results on the sum of a prime and almost prime.

Research activities & publications:
  • Masters thesis – Defining Newforms in Characteristic p. Supervised by Alex Ghitza.
  • On the sum of a prime and a square-free number with divisibility conditions, submitted, 2021
  • On the error term in the explicit formula of Riemann-von Mangoldt, submitted, 2021
  • Improving bounds on prime counting functions by partial verification of the Riemann hypothesis, The Ramanujan Journal (to appear), 2022
  • On the average value of π(t)-li(t), Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 2022
  • Some explicit estimates for the error term in the prime number theorem, submitted, 2022
  • Exact formulae and Turán inequalities for Vafa—Witten invariants of K3 surfaces, submitted, 2022

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