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At UNSW, we're global leaders in cyber security innovation. The Institute of Cyber Security work with UNSW to deliver unique capabilities through a collaborative approach. We balance the technical, practical and human aspects of cyber security. From tackling the ethical and moral challenges of modern cyber warfare, to exploring the benefits of machine learning, deep learning and emerging artificial intelligence techniques to help address cyber vulnerabilities, we strive for innovative and responsive solutions.

As a UNSW Cyber student, you will explore cyber in relation to military, strategic and defence studies; thanks to our long-standing partnership with Defence. We provide undergraduate, postgraduate, professional education and short courses. 

Professional education

The Institute offers a diverse range of short courses to upskill your staff, improve your own abilities, or to revamp your knowledge in cyber security. We also offer tailored packages to suit your individual or team needs.

Our training pathways allow different entry and exit points depending upon requirements and existing skills.

Our professional education courses are micro-credentialed providing a pathway towards completing Master-level degrees.

Postgraduate courses

At UNSW we recognise that cyber security is multidisciplinary and that a range of skill sets are required for the exciting opportunities that exist in cyber security jobs now and well into the future.

We offer a range of postgraduate courses to suit individuals’ needs, interests, and skill set. They run in hybrid mode allowing students to take much of their course online.

Undergraduate courses

UNSW offers the Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security program which develops creativity, problem-solving ability, critical thinking and communication skills.

It prepares students to deal with technical issues in computing, cyber security and cyber war environments.

As a graduate with a degree in Computing and Cyber Security, you will possess an excellent combination of technical knowledge and practical expertise. Leveraging your skills and knowledge across computing and cyber security you will be ready to pursue a range of career opportunities in the Australian Defence Force.