Strategic priorities 2024-2026

We're guided in all aspects of our education and research by strategic priorities.

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Practices and tools for social innovation/impact

We identify, develop, and refine methodologies and tools that support people and organisations to measure and evaluate their social impact across all social problem areas and sectors.

We work with students and partners on:

Theory of change, logic models, impact measurement and validation, evaluation framework design, outcomes measurement, ESG reporting, social impact strategy.

Organising models for social innovation/impact

We explore, assess, and co-develop forms of organising, governing, financing, and managing for social innovation and impact that may include nonprofit organisations, cooperatives and mutuals, social enterprises, cross-sector partnerships, community groups, enterprises and corporations.

We work with students and partners on:

Leading for social change, social impact strategy, impact investing and social finance, corporate accountability and responsibility, scaling for impact, governance for impact.

Ecosystems and infrastructure for social innovation/impact

We work to support and construct the wider infrastructure needed to accelerate social innovation. This involves enhancing data infrastructure, sector-wide measurement and analysis, and leveraging our role as a university to actively bring stakeholders together. We aim to improve understanding of societal issues and people's lived experiences, facilitating progress in addressing these challenges. 

We work with students and partners on:

Social economy, Social Progress Index, impact investing market, data analytics for social impact.

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Our Graduate Certificate in Social Impact is Commonwealth supported. If you receive an offer from UNSW Sydney as a domestic student, you’ll have a substantial proportion of your fees subsidised by the Australian government.

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