About us

woman looking through microscope

The UNSW Nuclear Innovation Centre is a cross-disciplinary, cross-industry hub for advancing Australia’s nuclear science industry, which includes interests in medicine, irradiated materials, waste management, space exploration and mining.

The Centre was established in November 2023 to bring together experts from various disciplines to foster collaborations, drive innovation, and contribute to the advancement of the nuclear science and engineering field in Australia.

A key aim of the Centre is to ensure the development and growth of a skilled workforce and nurturing future leaders for the prosperity and competitiveness of Australia’s nuclear technology industry.

The Centre is an apolitical non-partisan source of scientific information from experts across engineering, science, law, and policy. This broad and cross-disciplinary perspective sets us apart and allows us to:

  • Enhance scale and excellence of nuclear research and education across UNSW and its partners.
  • Advance nuclear disciplines and career pathways, attract and develop people, and build nuclear engineering and science in Australia.
  • Grow partnerships and networks to share and translate knowledge, innovation, nuclear policy, and better ways of learning about and discussing issues across nuclear science, engineering, medicine, and policy.

To scale and provide excellence in nuclear research, education, and training in Australia.


To foster collaborations with key stakeholders, drive innovation, and create a strong talent pipeline by developing and nurturing future leaders in the field.


To advance Australia’s nuclear science and engineering industry for future prosperity and competitiveness.