Massive Action Sydney

A collaboration between Massive Change Network and UNSW ADA Innovation Hub

Keynote presentation

We choose urgent change

Around the world, the 2020s decade is considered make-or-break for protecting nature and preserving life on earth for future generations. Massive Action Sydney (MAS) is part of a multidisciplinary global movement that draws on our collective power to design a better future now.  

MAS engages with diverse knowledges and champions creativity, collaboration and inclusion to drive the futures we hope for, not those we fear: futures that are sustainable, connected, healthy and socially just. It supports inspired strategic projects that accelerate massive action to deliver massive change.  

Our goal?

To explore, reimagine and redesign solutions to critical challenges within Climate, Health and Power – three areas where change is urgent – using innovative approaches to increase and accelerate the ambition, scale and pace of their Translation. 

MAS is a partnership between the ADA Innovation Hub, an interdisciplinary problem-solving space in the faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA), UNSW Sydney, and internationally renowned designers Bruce Mau and Aiyemobisi (Bisi) Williams of Massive Change Network (MCN). Massive Action is a multi-partner alliance across major international cities promoting deep collaborations to solve problems where others have failed and achieve the best possible outcomes for people and the planet.  

Design Sprint

In September 2022, the MAS partnership brought together innovators, thought leaders, visionary artists and change makers from the ADA staff and student community in a month-long design sprint to address today’s most pressing issues. Participants pitched to solve vital problems through their work, identifying barriers to change on a massive scale and at pace. 

Through intensive workshops led by MCN, our change-leaders engaged with their Massive Change principles (MC24) designed to promote strategic impact, value, massive optimism and accelerated movement towards sustainable change. They translated project provocations into radical real-world plans.  

Projects selected for ongoing development

In 2023, five of these projects have been selected for further development. Projects receive ongoing mentorship with MCN along with strategic advice and support on project management, collaboration and resourcing through the ADA Innovation Hub. These projects will now commence an 18-month project development phase focused on design and implementation across 2023/2024. Projects will also receive marketing, communication and international visibility through the MAS network.  

Join the Massive Action Sydney conversation. Be part of brave and audacious change.  

The official Massive Action Showcase is on display via appointment at the UNSW Art & Design campus in Paddington. If you would like to visit us, partner with us, or champion these ideas to improve life on earth please contact the ADA Innovation Hub