Our training and advisory services

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The Gendered Violence Research Network is helping to create better, safer and more supportive workplace and organisational environments.

The Gendered Violence Research Network’s (GVRN) knowledge exchange project, Gendered Violence and Organisations, turns research-led insights into real-world impact. Harnessing decades of specialist research into gendered violence, we're renowned for providing information-led and practical bespoke training and advisory services to help employers learn how to effectively respond to gendered-based violence in the lives of their employees. We offer a suite of services including face-to-face and online training, webinars and new online short courses.  

How does gendered violence impact affect the workplace?

Original research conducted by UNSW in 2011 found that 19 per cent of Australian workers who had experienced domestic violence in the previous 12 months reported the harassment continued at their workplace. The primary form of abuse involved receiving threatening phone calls and emails, and over 11 per cent of respondents who had experienced domestic violence reported that the perpetrator had physically come to their workplace. 

Today, Champions of Change have indicated that between 50% and 81% of people who experienced domestic and family violence in the workplace reported their work being negatively affected as a result of the domestic violence. Globally, studies have found that between one-third to 78% of people who use domestic violence have done so using workplace resources, during work hours. 

Gendered violence is a workplace issue and requires a workplace response.

There are multiple benefits for employers who proactively and effectively address the effects of domestic, family and sexual violence on the organisation. By doing so, you: 

  • reduce costs and increase savings.
  • help fulfil employers’ duty of care.
  • improve staff health, safety and wellbeing.
  • acknowledge economic independence is key to leaving an abusive relationship.
  • demonstrate corporate social responsibility.
  • position your organisation as an employer of choice.

Gendered Violence & Organisations training workshop evaluations reveal many staff are proud to work for an organisation that takes the issue of domestic, family and sexual violence seriously. Staff also appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the issue and develop skills to assist their colleagues, if needed.

To prevent and respond to gendered violence in your context, we can offer the following services:

  • We can provide a range of bespoke advisory services according to your needs. These include policy and procedure review and development, evaluation of programs and initiatives, development of stakeholder consultation reports, and more.

  • Short online courses are an effective way of delivering training and education to your entire workforce. GVRN offers a series of online short courses focused on organisational responses to domestic and family violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

  • If the online short courses are not fit for your purpose, we also offer the option to purchase tailored eLearning solutions specific to your organisation’s specific needs.

  • Training, run either face-to-face and/or via video conferencing, can be incredibly beneficial for in-depth learning. We run training to support your employees to better understand the dynamics of gendered violence, how to recognise gendered violence, and how to appropriately respond in a workplace setting. Facilitated training sessions can work on their own or in combination with eLearning solutions.