PLuS Alliance is a unique partnership between King’s College London, UNSW Sydney and Arizona State University. The partnership works towards promoting social justice principles and enables research-led solutions to global challenges. 

As a PLuS Alliance partner, UNSW Sydney is extending its global impact. Our partnership is a new model of international research collaboration, harnesses industry links and provides a competitive advantage. 

PLuS Alliance has established a research network to examine gendered violence issues – PluS Alliance GVRN. It aims to address issues of gendered violence with a focus on research interests that span sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, family violence, child sexual abuse and adult survivors, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, gendered misconduct, image-based abuse, lateral violence, trafficking for domestic and sexual slavery, female infanticide and sexual violence and harassment in university campus communities. 

PLuS Alliance 

Vinita Chanan 
Director, PLuS Alliance at UNSW Sydney 
T: +61 2 9385 318

PLuS Alliance GVRN, UNSW

Mailin Suchting 
Manager, Gendered Violence Research Network
UNSW Sydney 
T: +61 2 9065 8339 

PLuS Alliance, Arizona State University

Jennet Kirkpatrick
Associate Professor, School of Politics and Global Studies 
Arizona State University
T: +1 480 965 2791