Seminars & Conferences


  • Simple Rules: An Exploration of Contextual Contingencies on Competitive Performance
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 17/06/2021 12:00pm

    Speaker: George Shinkle

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

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  • Job Transitions in a Time of Automation and Labor Market Crises

    Date: Tue 20/04/2021 11:30am

    Speaker: Nikolas Dawson

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  • Enabling Ambidexterity in Parallel Structures: Interface Practice Bundles of Inter-Team Strategy-Making at NASA

    Date: Wed 03/03/2021 09:00am

    Speaker: Christina Wawarta, Loizos Heracleous, Sotirios Paroutis - University of Warwick

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