School top tier publications

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Over the last five years, UNSW School of Banking and Finance has ranked 27th in the world in terms of research by ASU.  

Our School ranks as the top finance school in Australia for publications in 20 of the best international finance journals. Explore our School publications and read the leading journals of finance and related fields that have been published by our leading academics. 

  • Dickerson, A., P. Mueller and C. Robotti, 2023, Priced Risk in Corporate Bonds, Journal of Financial Economics, 150 (2), 103707.

    Andrade, S., E. Adelphe and A. Jeanneret. 2023, Sovereign Risk Premia and Global Macroeconomic Conditions, Journal of Financial Economics, 147, 172-197.

    Della Corte, P., A. Jeanneret and E. Patelli, 2023, A Credit-Based Theory of the Currency Risk Premia, Journal of Financial Economics 149, 473-495.

    Payzan-LeNestour, E. and M. Woodford, 2022, Outlier Blindness: A Neurobiological Foundation for Neglect of Financial Risk, Journal of Financial Economics 143(3), 1316-1343

    Adams, R.B., V. Ragunathan and R. Tumarkin, 2021, Death by committee? An analysis of corporate board (sub-) committees, Journal of Financial Economics, 141(3), 1119-1146

    Laudenbach, C., B. Loos, J. Pirsche, and J. Wohlfahrt, 2021, The Trading Response of Individual Investors to Local Bankruptcies, Journal of Financial Economics 142 (2), 928-953

    Li, F.W., A. Mukherjee and R. Sen, 2021, Inside Brokers, Journal of Financial Economics, 141(3), 1096-1118

    Lin C, C. Ma, Y. Sun and Y. Xu, 2021, The Telegraph and Modern Banking Development, 1881–1936, Journal of Financial Economics, 141, pp. 730 - 749

    Liu, C., R. Masulis and J. Stanfield, 2021, Why CEO option compensation can be a bad option for shareholders: evidence from major customer relationships, Journal of Financial Economics, 142 (1), 453-481

    Moshirian F., B. Zhang and X. Tian, 2021, 'Stock Market Liberalization and Innovation,', Journal of Financial Economics, 139, pp. 985 – 1014

    Mukherjee, A. and G. Panayotov, and J. Shon, 2021, Eye in the Sky: Private Satellites and Government Macro Data, Journal of Financial Economics 141 (1), 234-254,

    Barrosa, P., P. Karehnke and M. Boons, 2020, Time-varying state variable risk premia in the ICAPM, Journal of Financial Economics, 139(2), 428-451 

    Demyanyk, Y., L. Li, E. Loutskina, K. Romero Cortes and P. Strahan, 2020, Stress Tests and Small Business Lending, Journal of Financial Economics, 136(1), 260-279 

    Feldman, D., K. Saxena, and J. Xu, 2020, Is the Active Fund Management Industry Concentrated Enough? Journal of Financial Economics, 136(1), 23-43 

    Islam, M. E. and J. Zein, 2020, Inventor CEOs, Journal of Financial Economics, 135(2), 505-527 

    Moshirian, F., B. Zhang, 2020, Stock Market Liberalization and Innovation, Journal of Financial Economics, 139(3), 985-1014 

    Comerton-Forde, C., V. Gregoire and Z. Zhong 2019, Inverted Fee Structures, Tick Size, and Market Quality, Journal of Financial Economics, 134(1), 141-164 

    Harford, J., J. Stanfield, and F. Zhang, 2019, Do insiders time management buyouts and freezeouts to buy undervalued targets? Journal of Financial Economics 131(1), 206-231 

    Masulis, R. and E. J. Zhang, 2019, How Valuable Are Independent Directors? Evidence from External Distractions, Journal of Financial Economics, 132(3), 226-256 

    Adams, R., A. Akyol and P. Verwijmeren, 2018, Director Skill Sets, Journal of Financial Economics 130(3), 641-662 

    Adams, R., M. Keloharju, and S. Knupfer, S., 2018, Are CEOs Born Leaders? Lessons from Traits of a Million Individuals, Journal of Financial Economics, 130(2), 392-408 

    Comerton-Forde, C., K. Malinova and A. Park, 2018, Regulating Dark Trading: Order Flow Segmentation and Market Quality, Journal of Financial Economics 130(2), 347-366 

    Acharya, V. and Z. Xu, 2017, Financial Dependence and Innovation: The Case of Public versus Private Firms, Journal of Financial Economics 124(2), 223-245 

    Cortes, K. and P. Strahan, 2017, Tracing Out Capital Flows: How Financially Integrated Banks Respond to Natural Disasters, Journal of Financial Economics 125(1), 182-199 

    Cortes, K., R. Duchin and D. Sosyura, 2016, Clouded Judgement: The Role of Sentiment in Credit Origination, Journal of Financial Economics, 121(2), 392-413 

    Humphery-Jenner, M., L. Lisic, V. Nanda and S. Silveri, 2016, Executive overconfidence and compensation structure, Journal of Financial Economics, 119(3), 533-558 

    Barroso, P. and P. Santa-Clara, 2015, Momentum Has its Moments, Journal of Financial Economics, 116(1), 111-120 

    Dang, T L, F. Moshirian and B. Zhang, 2015, Commonality in News Around the World, Journal of Financial Economics, 116(1), 82-110 

    Kwan, A.R. Masulis and T. McInish, 2015, Trading Rules, Competition for Order Flow and Market Fragmentation, Journal of Financial Economics, 115(2), 330-348 

    Sen, R. and R. Tumarkin, 2015, Stocking up: Executive optimism, option exercise, and share retention, Journal of Financial Economics, 118(2), 399-430 

    Schmidt, B. 2015, Costs and Benefits of ‘Friendly’ Boards during Mergers and Acquisitions, Journal of Financial Economics, 117(2), 424-447 

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    Ng, L. and B. Zhang, 2014, Does PIN Affect Equity Prices Around the World, Journal of Financial Economics, 114(1), 178-195 

    Green, C. and R. Jame, 2013, Company Name Fluency, Investor Recognition, and Firm Value, Journal of Financial Economics 109(3), 813-834 

    Karpoff, J., G. Lee and R. Masulis, 2013, Contracting under Asymmetric Information: Lockup Agreements in Seasoned Equity Offerings, Journal of Financial Economics, 110(3), 607-626 

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    Lau, S., L. Ng and B. Zhang, 2010, The World Price of Home Bias, Journal of Financial Economics, 97(2), 191-217; Lead Article 

    Lee, G. and R. Masulis, 2009, Seasoned Equity Offerings: Quality of Accounting Information and Expected Flotation Costs, Journal of Financial Economics, 92(3), 443-469 

  • Bhamra, H., C. Dorion, A. Jeanneret and M. Weber, 2023, Low Inflation: High Default Risk and High Equity Valuations, Review of Financial Studies 36 (3), 1192-1252.

    Barroso, P. and K. Saxena, 2022, Lest We Forget: Learn from Out-of-Sample Forecast Errors when Optimizing Portfolios, Review of Financial Studies, 35 (3), 1222-1278.

    Boloor Foroosh, A., P. Christoffersen, M. Fournier and C. Gourieroux, 2020, Beta Risk in the Cross-Section of Equities, Review of Financial Studies 33(9), 4318-4366.

    Liu, C.Y., A. Low, R. Masulis and L. Zhang, 2020, Monitoring the Monitor: Distracted Institutional Investors and Board Governance, The Review of Financial Studies, 33(10), 4489-4531 

    Dou, Y., R. Masulis and J. Zein, 2019, Shareholder Wealth Consequences of Insider Pledging of Company Stock as Collateral for Personal Loans, The Review of Financial Studies, 32(12), 4810-4854 

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    Foucault, T., R. Kozhan and W.W. Tham, 2018, Toxic Arbitrage, Review of Financial Studies, 30(4), 1053-1094 

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    Payzan, E. 2018, Can People Learn About ‘Black Swans’? Experimental Evidence, Review of Financial Studies, 31(12), 4815-4862 

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  • Masulis, R., C. Wang, F. Xie and S. Zhang, 2024, Older and Wiser or Too Old to Govern?, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (forthcoming).

    Chang, X., Y. Chen and R. Masulis, 2023, Bank Lines of Credit as a Source of Long-term Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 58 (4), 1701-1733.

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    Moshirian F., P. Pham, S. Tian and E. Wu, 2023, Foreign Ties that Bind: Cross-border Firm Expansions and Fund Portfolio Allocation around the World, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 58 (4), 1768 - 1807.

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  • Buhlmann, F., P. Dorrenberg, B. Loos, and J. Voget, 2024, How Do Taxes Affect the Trading Behaviour of Private Investors? Evidence from Individual Portfolio Data, Management Science, (forthcoming).

    Giannetti, M., and Y. J. Jang, 2024, Who Lends Before Banking Crises? Evidence from the International Syndicated Loan Market, Management Science, (forthcoming).

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    Lin, C., C. Ma, Y. Sun, and Y. Xu, 2024, The Allocation of Talent and Financial Development, 1897 to 1936, Management Science (forthcoming).

    Masulis, R., S. Shen, and Z. Hong, 2024, Director Liability Protection and the Quality of Independent Directors, Management Science, (forthcoming).

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