Public Service Research Group

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Leaders in public service research and education

The Public Service Research Group (PSRG) performs timely, high-quality and reliable research into public policy implementation and draws on this to deliver world-class executive education and professional development. We partner with organisation clients to produce new insights into effective public service implementation and evaluation to solve real-world problems. When we partner with the public service, including not-for-profits, the public sector and private organisations, we work with them to understand their needs, develop a tailored solution, and build up the organisational and individual capacity for problem solving.


About us

The Public Service Research Group (PSRG) was established in 2016 to perform timely, high-quality research into public policy implementation.

Our people

Bringing together experts across a range of fields, the Public Service Research Group delivers practical research and educational solutions to the public sector, private sector, not-for-profits and beyond.

Our research

Research within the PSRG focuses on issues of policy implementation in a public service context across four key themes: Capability, Complex Systems, Ethics and Inclusion. Our research crosses a number of different disciplinary, methodological and subject boundaries.

Knowledge exchange

Universities and public service partners are increasingly focusing on knowledge exchange. If you'd like to develop your own capabilities or transform your organisation, we can produce a solution that draws from our cutting-edge research in ways that are tailored to your specific needs.

Our publications

From submissions to government and journal articles to our own research briefs and issues papers, the Public Service Research Group has released a wide range of publications.

The Industrial Relations Research Group

The Industrial Relations Research Group (IRRG) aims to be a leading source of authoritative analysis, informing policy and practice in fields such as skill, workplace health and safety, sustainable productivity, participation and equity.

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