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Falcon Telescope time lapse

UNSW Canberra Space is a leader in the field of advanced intelligent satellite systems, developing and providing space and artificial intelligence research, technology and education to help meet national and global needs. These needs include secure communications, environmental monitoring, data collection during extreme weather events and bushfires, maritime surveillance and mitigating space congestion risks.

UNSW Canberra Space has forged relationships with Government, Defence and the international space community, positioning itself as a trusted partner that can meaningfully contribute to Australia’s emerging space capabilities. UNSW Canberra is educating the next generation of space professionals in this rapidly growing sector. Students have the opportunity to learn from real space missions and engage with a team that is leading the way.

Our missions

M2 Mission

M2 is a twin-satellite mission utilising formation flying. Both satellites are equipped with advanced radios and telescopes for maritime surveillance demonstrations and communications.

M2 Pathfinder Mission

M2 Pathfinder is developing flight heritage for in-house satellite technologies for missions such as M2, demonstrating the ability of an onboard software-defined radio to operate while in orbit.

M1 Mission

M1 was the first in a series of satellites commissioned by the RAAF, continuing the partnership between UNSW Canberra Space and Defence.

Buccaneer Risk Mitigation Mission

The first UNSW Canberra Space satellite, a joint mission with the Australian Government’s Defence Science and Technology Group, was launched in 2017.

Our research

The ability to routinely and rapidly develop end-to-end missions, advanced artificial intelligence for space, and the science that underpins Space Situational Awareness drives UNSW Canberra Space’s unique research program that impacts and addresses real-world problems. 

Our facilities

Our facilities enable UNSW Canberra Space to design, develop and operate satellite missions from start to finish. They include Australia’s first dedicated space mission concurrent engineering design facility, allowing engineers and scientists to rapidly determine the technical and economic viability of proposed space missions. 

Study with us

Postgraduate coursework & short courses

Our postgraduate courses will help put you on the right path for a rewarding career in space. We offer the following programs:

We can also tailor aspects of these programs to deliver professional short courses that suit the needs of your organisation.

Postgraduate research & PhD openings

Our postgraduate research degrees provide the opportunity to work with leading academics in your chosen field. A number of exciting PhD opportunities in the science and technology that underpins space operations and in the application of AI to space are available. You will work with the UNSW Canberra Space team and help contribute to Australia’s growing space industry.

Our team

We're the largest team of space scientists and engineers in Australia. From highly skilled professionals with significant international experience to talented rising stars, our team is the key to the success of UNSW Canberra Space.