Our research

UNSW Canberra Space engineer

Harnessing space to address global problems

UNSW Canberra Space research focuses on providing tangible solutions to our needs on Earth. Space mission development, combined with our research into Space Situational Awareness and Artificial Intelligence, enables us to lead in these fields.

Our research priorities

Space-based technologies have an ever-growing presence in our daily lives. UNSW Canberra Space research is aimed at evolving these technologies that are essential in areas such as national security, environmental monitoring, emergency management and secure communications. We're also researching the ethical challenges that global advances in space might create and how we could solve these potential problems.

Learn with us

When the next generation of space professionals are educated at UNSW Canberra, they learn in the context of real space missions and from leaders in the Australian space industry. From short courses to masters degrees and PhD research projects, find out how you can launch your career in this rapidly growing industry.

Postgraduate coursework & professional education

Our postgraduate courses help put you on the right path for a rewarding career in space. We offer the following programs:

We can also tailor aspects of these programs to deliver professional short courses that suit your organisation's needs.

Postgraduate research & PhD openings

Our postgraduate research degrees provide the opportunity to work with leading academics in your chosen field. There are a number of exciting PhD opportunities in the fields of science and technology that underpin space operations and the application of AI to space. You'll work with the UNSW Canberra Space team and help contribute to Australia’s growing space industry.