Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession

Led by UNSW Law & Justice, and informed by the legal industry, the Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession was formed to support the legal profession to effectively navigate the challenges posed and opportunities presented by technology, innovation and societal expectations.

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‘The formation of the Centre comes at a time when the profession is experiencing technological disruption, concerns about wellbeing and workplace culture, that necessitates a reconsideration of the daily duties and ethical considerations for lawyers. A cornerstone of the Centre's approach is to investigate the profession's most pressing issues for it, and for the society it serves, through a collegial exchange of ideas and concerns'.

Director of the Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession, Professor Michael Legg

Our mission ​

To facilitate ongoing dialogue and idea exchange among professional regulators, associations, law practices, firms and courts. Through collaborative engagement, the Centre will deliver impactful thought-provoking research, educational initiatives, and foster professional development partnerships across diverse sectors. ​

Our values

Engage with the legal profession on issues that pose challenges and opportunities for the future of legal practice.

Collaborate with and facilitate a reliable and impartial platform for the legal and related professions to discuss vital matters affecting the legal landscape. This platform aims to inform research and education activities.

Communicate the centre's research and initiatives through publications, summits and executive level education.

Our program

Future-focused research

Provide evidence-based insights and tailored solutions to industry-identified challenges and opportunities. These efforts will update and improve the legal professional development curriculum. ​

Leadership for Lawyers executive program

A legal profession and cross-discipline informed Leadership for Lawyers executive program, in addition to a series of exclusive programs designed to create continued dialogue.

Executive legal education

Including a new course for in-house counsel. Led by Professor Michael Legg and David Field, Chief Legal Counsel at Canon Oceania. ​

Think Tank workshops

A series of intimate, invitation-only Think Tank workshops for leaders across various industries coming together to dissect, discuss and help shape responses to complex issues.​

Annual summit

An annual summit that will deliver a multifaceted approach to addressing one of the themes highlighted through the centre's research and other industry engagement initiatives.