Evidence-informed medicine is the cornerstone of modern healthcare. In October, CVMM held a two-day masterclass for early to mid-career researchers focused on systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials and how they can be best used to guide evidence-informed medicine.

“I thought the workshop was great in giving a level of understanding that I feel confident to approach conducting an SR. I think true confidence and competency will come from further practice, though the class provided a fantastic foundation to start.” — Anonymous Participant 

This course was facilitated by Dr Soumyadeep Bhaumik, Head of Meta-Research and Evidence Synthesis Unit at the George Institute for Global Health, who is a medical doctor and an international public health specialist. The masterclass covered a range of topics including developing a focused systematic review question, conducting searches in PubMed, assessing the risk of bias in randomised controlled trials, and grasping basic concepts related to meta-analysis, heterogeneity, and sub-group analysis.

“Very thorough (I feel, as a beginner) introduction/overview of systematic reviews and meta-analysis. So glad I attended, and I hope there are similar workshops on other study types and research topics in the future, of this calibre. Dr Bhaumik is obviously very experienced.” — Anonymous Participant