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The CVMM Theme provides competitive grants for projects that identify and seek to address areas of unmet needs in improving cardiac, vascular and metabolic medicine outcomes in the communities we serve. Our grants also allow opportunities for emerging researchers to lead and develop smaller projects with the potential to feed into larger funding opportunities.

2024 CVMM Collaborative Grant (up to $30,000):

The Grant aims to support the initiation of new collaborations among scientists and clinicians from various disciplines and faculties. This grant is designed to provide early- and mid-career researchers with opportunities to lead and develop innovative projects, showcasing a clear pathway towards securing substantial external funding for the continued growth and sustainability of research efforts.

Recipients Affiliation Grant Title

Dr. Meghan Ambrens

Prof. Kim Delbaere

Neuroscience Research Australia StandingTall-Rehab: Co-designing a Comprehensive Digital Rehabilitation Program for Enhance Patient Management and Rehabilitation Outcomes

Dr. Reza Argha

A/Prof. Sze Yuan Ooi

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering Affordable Analysis of Electrocardiogram Data Using Transfer Learning and Weak Supervision

A/Prof. Susann Beier

A/Prof. Kaleab Asrress

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Supervised machine learning to detect coronary artery and aortic valve calcification on routine chest X-rays (CAC-X)

Dr. Md Shajedur Rahman Shawon

Dr. Jennifer Yu

Centre for Big Data Research in Health Discovery of high-need, high-cost cardiovascular patient phenotypes using Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) models

A/Prof. Kavitha Muthiah

Dr. Vanathi Sivasubramaniam

St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Molecular and genetic effects of sodium glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors on cardiac tissue

Dr. Sonali Gnanenthiran

Prof. Anthony Rodgers

The George Institute for Global Health LOTUS Trial: LOw dose anti-hypertensive combinations To improve stroke oUtcomeS

Dr. Chai-Ann Ng

Dr. Elizabeth Palmer

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Improving the treatment of ventricular arrhythmia by targeting the cardiac calcium channel

CVMM International Speaker Fellowship ($10,000):

This fellowship is dedicated to inviting and hosting international experts in the field of cardiac, vascular, and metabolic medicine to visit UNSW Sydney. The purpose of this program is to bring the most exceptional and accomplished experts to UNSW, contributing to the enhancement of existing collaborations or the establishment of new partnerships with researchers affiliated with UNSW.




Talk Topic

Prof Diane Fatkin

Prof Steven Niederer

Alan Turing Institute

Multi-Scale Patient-Specific Cardiac Models Based on Clinical Data (September 2024)

A/Prof Jodie Ingles

Prof James Ware

Imperial College London

Polygenic Determinants of Monogenic Cardiovascular Disease (May 2024)

A/Prof Ruth Peters

Prof Jeff Williamson

Wake Forest Center for Healthcare Innovation

Cognitive Decline and Hypertension (March 2024)


2023 CVMM Early to Mid-Career Researcher Conference Award (up to $2,000):

This award is designed to support early- and mid-career researchers in the field of cardiovascular and metabolic health. It offers financial assistance to cover travel expenses associated with domestic or international conferences and meetings scheduled to take place in 2023.




Talk Topic

Dr Monique Bax

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

71st CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, Adelaide, Australia

Proteomic analysis reveals TGFB pathway perturbation in spontaneous coronary artery dissection patient iPSC derived endothelial cells

Dr Cheryl Carcel

The George Institute

The Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of The Stroke Society of Australasia and Smart Strokes, Melbourne

Inequity in stroke trials    

Dr Briar McKenzie

The George Institute

The Nutrition Society Irish Section Conference, Ireland

Investigating sex and gender differences in diet, and the diet related burden of cardiovascular disease    

Dr Celine Santiago

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

71st CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, Adelaide, Australia

Using zebrafish to solve 'missing pathogenicity' in genetic cardiomyopathies

Dr Md Shajedur Rahman Shawon

Centre for Big Data Research in Health, UNSW

71st CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, Adelaide, Australia

Regional differences in the rates and impact of care fragmentation following myocardial infarction admission    

Dr Yunjia (Carmen) Zhan

Biomedical Sciences, UNSW

Australian Atherosclerosis Society Annual Meeting 2023, Adelaide

A novel strategy for reducing future events in myocardial infarction survivors

2023 Collaborative Grants

Principal Investigators



Professor Tracie Barber; Dr Blake Cochran   

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/Faculty of Engineering; School of Biomedical Science   

Creating an in vitro model using printed vessels to assess endothelial cell signalling in patients treated with haemodialysis (Creating IMPACT)

Dr Vivian Lee ; A/Prof Belinda Parmenter    


Using wearable activity monitors to increase physical activity in women with a recent history of gestational diabetes – A cross-over randomisation trial. 

Dr Juliana de Oliveira Costa; Dr Tamara Milder  

UNSW SPH; St Vincent and Garvan   

Improving the use of cardiometabolic medicines in type 2 diabetes: an atlas to identify areas of unmet clinical need

Dr Justin Phan; Dr Reza Argha; Prof Jamie Vandenberg  


Machine learning-based electrocardiographic analysis to predict cardiac toxicity in patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Dr Isabella Tan; Prof Aletta E Schutte; Ms Catherine Morgan; Prof Mridula Sharma; Prof Henry Brodaty

TGI; UNSW; National Acoustic Laboratories; Macquarie Uni; UNSW CHeBA

Listen to Your Heart and Mind  (Hypertension and hearing loss)

Dr. Jordan Thorpe; Dr Shafagh Waters; Dr Adam Hill  

VCCRI; School of Biomedical Science; VCCRI  

Tackling rheumatic fever induced atrial fibrillation and heart failure in indigenous communities utilizing stem cell derived atrial cardiac tissues.

Dr Luna Xu; A/Prof Yulei Sui   

School of Population Health; School of Computer Science and Engineering   

Cardiovascular risk prediction: a robust deep learning approach to guide healthy eating

  • 2021 Networking Grants

    • Dr R Arnold and Dr C Sandler; “Can digital cardiovascular initiatives be applied to Chronic Kidney Disease: A cohort of disproportionate cardiovascular risk?”
    • Dr J Snaith; “A novel online tool to diagnose double diabetes using biomarkers: towards cardiovascular risk reduction by personalised adjunctive treatment of insulin resistance in type 1 diabetes”

    2021 Big Ideas Grants

    • A/Prof X Feng and Prof A Schutte; “Uptake and effectiveness of a UNSW Lifestyle Clinic exercise physiologist intervention for improving physical activity and reducing high blood pressure: A pilot randomised controlled trial”
    • A/Prof A Henry and Prof A Patel; “DIVINE: Drug InterVention for prevention of type 2 diabEtes among women with recent prior gestational diabetes – a proposal for formative research”
    • Dr L Lin and Prof M Parsons; “Clinical and imaging characterisation of stroke in First Nations, Pacific Islander, and other culturally and linguistically diverse Australian communities”
    • Dr Yu and A/Prof B Gallego Luxan; “Cardiovascular Analytics and Innovation (CVAI) data repository: A big data resource for machine learning-enabled research and health systems quality improvement.”