Research & impact

We're driven by our commitment to address health disparities and complex health challenges through our research.

As one of the world’s top medical faculties, UNSW Medicine & Health aims to improve health in Australia and globally. We focus our research on eliminating health disparities. Many of our researchers are clinicians who partner with the nation’s most prestigious healthcare organisations. 

Our research helps shape public health interventions and policies. We focus on making a difference and responding quickly in a dynamic world where new priorities emerge at any moment. This is what differentiates and inspires us.

Innovation for impact

Our Health 25 Strategy sets a course to pursue our ambitions of improving the quality of life for all by tackling the complex and important health challenges our society will face in coming years.

Our research themes are designed to deliver meaningful impact – they are the areas in which we excel in advancing medicine and health, not only in eliminating health disparities but also by fostering social wellbeing. We make a difference in the lives of people who are affected by:

  • cancer
  • infectious disease, immunity and inflammation
  • neuroscience, mental health and addiction
  • cardiac, vascular and metabolic medicine
  • health systems.

At UNSW Medicine & Health, we pride ourselves on our innovative and inclusive approach to research. We collaborate widely within and beyond our themes by partnering with other researchers, institutions, clinicians and patient communities inside and outside the faculty.

We’re working on improving treatments for ovarian cancer patients, guiding the most effective and equitable responses to COVID-19, supporting people with intellectual disabilities to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and wellbeing, and finding new therapies for cardiovascular disease. Using exercise physiology, biomechanics and human movement, we’re developing ways to support longer and healthier lives.