Research innovation

Our Health 25 Strategy spans disciplines, locations and industries to convert our research innovations into results that truly matter.

Biomedical Engineering labs
“The value of human endeavour is magnified when you bring together different view points and complementary expertise. It is only through our partnerships with industry, government and community that we will be able to tackle today’s global health challenges.”


Professor Phoebe Phillips, Associate Dean Partnerships and Engagement, UNSW Medicine and Health 


Research excellence

Our world-leading research at UNSW Medicine & Health targets some of the most formidable health challenges of the 21st century including, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health, infectious diseases and health systems.

Our affiliated institutes

UNSW Medicine & Health is focusing on advancing translational science discoveries, across multiple disciplines. Our success comes from our collaborative partnerships with universities, medical research institutes, industry and government. Together we make a real impact on improving medicine and healthcare.

Centres & institutes

Our internationally recognised research centres and institutes are translating ground-breaking research into cures, treatment strategies and therapies to improve the quality of life for all.

Partnership highlight

The UNSW RNA Institute, Australia’s leading RNA science, therapeutics and translational facility, has officially opened. Established with a $25 million investment from UNSW Sydney as part of a NSW RNA Bioscience Alliance between NSW universities and the State Government, the Institute will build NSW’s capability to research, develop and manufacture RNA-based therapeutics locally.


Health precincts

Our health precincts deliver initiatives of significant societal impact by creating collaborative spaces to drive development in healthcare, innovation, education and research. We partner with government, business and our research institutes to facilitate change.

Partnership highlight

UNSW Sydney and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research researchers will lead the pancreatic cancer clinical trial program, thanks to a $3.75 million grant from the Cancer Institute NSW.

Partnerships magnify our ability to make a positive impact in medicine and healthcare. Under our Health 25 Strategy Partnerships has been identified as a pillar of our success as a faculty as we strive to improve health in Australia and globally – with a focus on eliminating health disparities and tackling the most difficult problems in medicine and public health. We know that we can make the biggest impact by working with others who are also excellent in their field.

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