About us

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UNSW Medicine & Health is a collaborative community at the forefront of modernising medicine in Australia. Ranked as one of the world’s top 50 medical faculties, discover how we’re building the future of healthcare.

With world-leading research institutes and centres, state-of-the-art facilities and partnerships with Australia’s finest healthcare organisations, we’re committed to driving innovation and education to improve patient outcomes across Australia. We have five schools, nine teaching hospitals and rural clinical campuses located across NSW.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reemphasised the critical importance of education, research and practice – coupled with international collaboration and human compassion. By working together, we can dramatically improve the health of our community and people around the world.

Welcome from the Dean

As the Interim Dean of UNSW Medicine & Health, I'm proud to lead a community that combines outstanding teaching and cutting-edge research to address major global health challenges. In 2020, we wrote the Health 25 strategy, with a strong focus on being progressive and addressing health disparities. Little did we know how profoundly the global pandemic would reshape our world and the way we consider and deliver health just three years later.

We’re now halfway through implementing our Health 25 Strategy, providing our students, staff, alumni, and partners with a comprehensive understanding of our restored identity and values. Our focus extends beyond direct healthcare, envisioning health as a broader ecosystem, from biomolecular sciences to AI and technology to new models of healthcare delivery. Embracing innovation is integral to our mission, not just in work and study processes but also in how we deliver healthcare.

We're transforming bright minds into career-ready clinicians, researchers, educators, and health professionals. For the fifth consecutive year, the UNSW Medicine Undergraduate Program (BMed) has been acknowledged as the top preference program in the Universities Admission Centre (UAC). This achievement underscores the exceptional quality and appeal of our programs, consistently highlighting why UNSW produces the most employable students. Our new health science courses are rapidly becoming amongst the most popular and the student experience is incredibly high. We are also in the process of developing new post-graduate programs and short courses to continue to illustrate our commitment to learning as a lifelong process.

We integrate principles of inclusivity and cultural understanding into everything we do, with a specific focus on ensuring equity. We are not only serving but embedding learning from the communities we work with, with a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our diverse community of exceptionally talented students, clinicians, educators,  researchers and professional staff coupled with the strength of our state-of-the-art research centres and institutes, translate discovery into therapies, technologies, and treatments to diagnose, treat and prevent disease in the most critical areas of health.

With a re-focused grasp on our goals, we’re excited to continue to provide the best possible experience for students and staff and maximise our positive impact on people’s lives to reshape health together.

Professor Adrienne Torda
Interim Dean, UNSW Medicine & Health

Our people

UNSW Medicine & Health’s executive team, led by the Dean, provides leadership and management in education, medical research and clinical excellence. Our faculty is invested in discovery, research and service to society to improve the health and wellness of all.

Our faculty

Our faculty is dedicated to the future of health, acting as a bridge to our esteemed medical schools, teaching hospitals, centres, institutes, and the wider community. We're a national leader in medical education and are ranked in the top 50 worldwide.

Our culture

UNSW Medicine & Health values diverse and multicultural perspectives. We strive to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable culture, removing barriers and enriching educational understanding, culturally appropriate patient care and enhancing trust in our research.

Health precincts

Our precincts deliver initiatives of significant societal impact by creating collaborative spaces to drive development in healthcare, innovation, education and research. We partner with government, business and our research institutes to facilitate change.

Our partners

Delivering world-class medical education would be impossible without our partners’ support. We work closely with industry, entrepreneurs and government to bring our research to life, and we collaborate with clinicians, health professionals and affiliated researchers to address urgent healthcare issues.

Contact us

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