Student life & resources

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You’ll enjoy a rich and welcoming student life at the School of Optometry & Vision Science, with plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself and grow your social network.

Explore undergraduate and postgraduate resources to help plan and manage your studies. Learn about our peer mentoring program and student society OptomSoc to discover new friendships and a supportive culture. And get recognised for your notable achievement with our many prizes and awards.

Life at UNSW

Learn about campus life, organisations for students, student resources, student wellbeing and many other support systems available at UNSW. There’s information on everything from getting around campus, recreation and childcare to studying abroad and career assistance.
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Undergraduate resources

Find useful information and tools to help you manage your undergraduate studies. Read up on important information and policies for optometry and vision science students, check out timetables and course information, and lookup honours projects.

Postgraduate resources

Course breakdowns for postgraduate programs in optometry and vision science, including units of credit and course outlines. Read about the Master of Optometry, Graduate Certificate in Optometry, Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics, Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management and Diploma in Orientation and Mobility.

Postgraduate research resources

Explore resources for postgraduate research students. Meet our higher degree students and learn about the research they are working on and their backgrounds. Discover the research topics you could work on during your own postgraduate research studies.

Student opportunities

Our peer mentoring program provides support for new first year students, helping you find your feet during the daunting first weeks of university life. And for fourth year mentors, it’s a great way to give back and build career-relevant experience.

Prizes & awards

There are numerous awards and prizes on offer in our school, for every stage of study. From sponsored prizes for overall excellence to prizes for best performance by stage, there is ample opportunity to be recognised for special achievements.


The UNSW Optometry & Vision Science student society (OptomSoc) is our student body dedicated to providing students with networking, educational and employment opportunities. Throughout the year we provide social events for cross-grade networking and a unified means of liaising with academia.