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Discover our latest research including basic, applied and clinical research in the science of vision.

Very close macro photograph of a human eye with very special patterned iris and shallow depth of field
Top two in the world
UNSW SOVS ranked as the 2nd top institution worldwide for Optometry
1st worldwide for contact lens research
UNSW SOVS named the top institution in the world for contact lens research
The largest in Australasia
The largest optometry and vision science school in Australasia


How to become an optometrist

Want to make a profound impact on people’s lives? Studying optometry at UNSW puts you on the right path.

Study areas

We’re training the next generation of optometrists and researchers. Studying Optometry & Vision Science at UNSW blends clinical practice with vision science research making real impacts and improving lives.

Optometrists diagnose vision problems, eye diseases and other eye health issues. Through optometry, vision problems and eye diseases can be corrected or managed, restoring sight and quality of life.
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Orientation & Mobility
Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is the practice of enabling people with low vision or blindness to know where they are, so they can get where they want to go safely. Find out more.
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Vision Science
Studying Vision Science you'll be prepared to identify problems a client has with vision, understand the theory of why or how eye problems occur and develop treatment options.
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Postgraduate Research
Explore resources for postgraduate research students of UNSW School of Optometry & Vision Science.
Postgraduate Coursework
Our four postgraduate coursework programs are the Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics, the Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management, the Graduate Diploma in Orientation and Mobility, and the Master of Optometry.
Short Courses

Enrol in our short courses for Evidence-Based Myopia Management, Advanced Paediatric Eye Care and Dry Eye Disease: Diagnosis and Management.

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Our impact

Latest papers

SOVS Paper of the Week: Increased dendritic cell density and altered morphology in allergic conjunctivitis

Student life and resources

We offer an immersive student life at the School of Optometry & Vision Science. View our list of internships, volunteer opportunities and get the support you need to settle in and succeed.

Our research

Research students from a variety of disciplines, including microbiology, psychology, education, bio-engineering, pharmacology as well as optometry and ophthalmology have studied for higher degrees at the School of Optometry & Vision Science. Our multidisciplinary approach to research is one of the school's key strengths.

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