Vision science

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Explore the science behind how we see and interact with our world

Vision science is the study of the sensory processes that underlie vision and how visual perception informs human behaviour. A degree in vision science will prepare you to understand how vision works, why visual problems occur and develop treatment options.

Join the largest school of optometry and vision science in Australia 

UNSW's School of Optometry and Vision Science is committed to forming partnerships within the ophthalmic industry and across the health care sector. The School is committed to translational research, which will lead to practical application and significant improvements in ocular health. We’ll provide you with a varied education in vision science through the Centre for Eye Health and the Brien Holden Vision Institute

Prepare for career success

Vision science graduates can work across a wide range of public and private sector areas that specialise in primary eye care, optical devices and technologies, teaching, and scientific research in vision and ophthalmology. For example, career opportunities are available in industries and commercial businesses that focus on:

  • the development of visual therapeutics – such as devices that correct refractive errors including contact lenses, spectacles, drug development medical devices (e.g., ocular implants) and imaging
  • the entertainment industry – developing visual simulators, video games, visual design and graphics

Vision science graduates can also work in the government sector – particularly in teaching and defence technology (e.g., lasers and optical equipment). You could also play a key role in developing health and occupational policy regarding the importance of vision to quality of life and in the workplace. 

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