About us

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Welcome from the Head of School

At UNSW School of Population Health, we believe everyone has the right to good health. We’re on a mission to address health equity no matter where a person lives. Will you join us?

As the oldest and largest health management program in Australia and ranked in the top 50 globally for public health research, our School is a pioneer in population health, global health, health leadership and management. Our work ranges from responding to emerging public health crises to training the future health workforce. You’ll join a considerable institution of learners, thinkers, researchers and innovators, with more than 1000 undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students and 200 research candidates enrolled in our School.

We champion our teaching and research collaborations with national and international partners, and are proud of our extensive alumni network in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. At UNSW Population Health, we’re a friendly and diverse bunch working hard to achieve social justice and better health for all. I welcome you to explore what you can do with us and embark on an inspiring and noble degree pathway.

- Professor Rebecca Ivers

Be part of the solution to the biggest health challenges

UNSW School of Population Health is proud of our achievements in response to the changing landscape of local, regional and global population health needs, yet ever focused on accomplishing more.

We’re aligned with the World Health Organization’s goal to “ensure that a billion more people have universal health coverage, to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and wellbeing”.

Our response to emerging threats and health challenges includes producing high quality research, providing the next generation of leaders with the skills to transform health systems, and advocating with passion for population health and social justice.

Our strategy

We strive to transform people’s health and health systems through excellence in population health research and education. We’re working with communities to improve health in Australia, our region and globally, with a major focus on equity, diversity and social justice.

People and culture

Meet our diverse and highly experienced team working tirelessly to improve health for all. Discover who we are and the unique skills and specialisations we bring to our cause.

Contact us

Get in touch with us to enquire about studying or partnering with us, or for any enquiries you have. Whether you’re considering studying with us or have a general enquiry, you’ll find details to contact us online, by phone or in person.

Our history

Our school has a long and proud history. Read about the origins and formation of the School of Population Health.

Why study with us

When you study at UNSW School of Population Health, you can be sure of a career pathway that makes a difference to people’s lives. Whether you’re interested in studying public health, health leadership & management, global health or infectious diseases intelligence, you’ll find flexible degree programs to suit you. Study options include:

  • graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters, masters (extension), double degrees and double (extension) 
  • articulation pathways
  • double degrees – complete two Masters in just 1.5 years
  • extension degrees – opportunities to undertake additional courses and a research component; a pathway to a future PhD.