Research programs & projects

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Our researchers work across a span of competitively funds research, from seed grants to National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Centres of Research Excellence.

Programs of work

Read about key programs of research in the School of Population Health.

Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines Intelligence (MI-CRE)

The CRE provides an opportunity for researchers in institutions across the country to collaborate more closely on key research priorities and accelerate the development and translation of evidence about real-world medicine use and outcomes.

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Implementation to Impact (i2i)

Our mission is to ensure that the latest research and evidence-based practices are integrated into real-world settings and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Infectious disease dynamics and interventions

In our group, we use infectious disease models to inform the design, implementation, and effectiveness of population health interventions, particularly vaccines and immunotherapeutics.

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Prescription Opioids in the Perinatal Period (POPP)

The Prescription Opioids in the Perinatal Period (POPP) Program harnesses the power of ‘big data’ to generate real-world evidence regarding the use and safety of prescription opioids before, during and after pregnancy.

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Rapid Urbanisation & Population Health Research Group (RUPH)

Urban health and environmental challenges are context-specific and cannot be fully understood or addressed by any single research discipline. RUPH embraces diversity to generate evidence-based solutions to these wicked problems and supports the building of transdisciplinary research capacities.

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Research projects

We run research projects across all of our priority areas. Read more below.

Atlas of best-practice medicine use for diabetes

Investigating variation in uptake of novel antidiabetic medicines in NSW.

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Health for help

Investigating the feasibility and acceptability of health coaching intervention for cancer caregivers

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P-OMICs-flow: Integrating precision oncology into clinical programs

Innovative research to match patient to treatment to deliver life-saving cancer care in Australia

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Shisha and Vaping No Thanks! Research to Practice Forum

On the 18th of October 2023 a research to practice forum was organised by the UNSW School of Population Health, SESLHD Health Equity Promotion and Prevention Service, the Lebanese Muslim Association, and UNSW Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity.

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Transforming the newborn screening program

Introducing and implementing a targeted, adaptive genomic sequencing test for the early diagnosis of treatable genetic diseases in Australian newborn screening programs.

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SEEC project

Strengthening Emergency Engagement & Communication for Multicultural Communities Project

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