Our strategy

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Complex population health challenges are increasing both in Australia and the around the globe. More than ever, strong measures are needed to improve health and tackle inequities. These challenges call for effective cross-disciplinary partnerships, innovation, outstanding education and research, and a multidisciplinary and system-level approach to delivering healthcare.

UNSW School of Population Health is rising to this challenge. We’re a forward-looking school, working to positively impact health systems, policy and people’s lives in all that we do. Our Strategy 2020-2025 is our roadmap to doing just this.

We’re achieving change by harnessing the world-leading expertise of our staff, partners and collaborators across UNSW and beyond. Our focuses are academic excellence, the social and commercial determinants of health, transforming health systems, and training future leaders in health and research.

Our Strategy supports and aligns with the UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan and UNSW Medicine Health 25 Plan. It demonstrates how we’ll achieve excellence and lasting societal impact by driving innovation in population health research and education.

We look forward to working with our global community of staff, students, researchers, alumni, partners and collaborators to bring our vision to life.

Our vision

  • Transform people’s health and health systems through excellence in population health research and education. 
  • Work with communities to improve health in Australia, our region and globally, with a focus on equity, diversity and social justice. 
  • Build healthier futures in Australia, our region and globally through research, teaching, and community and industry engagement.