About us

Mathematical modelling has transformed our understanding of the dynamics and control of infectious diseases, through concepts such as the reproduction number, herd immunity, and theory of epidemics.

In our group, we use infectious disease models to inform the design, implementation, and effectiveness of population health interventions, particularly vaccines and immunotherapeutics.

In pursuing these outcomes, we draw on a diverse range of mathematical and statistical techniques, including differential equations, computational methods, stochastic processes, and optimisation theory.

We are motivated by seeing insights from our work become tangible policy and practice outcomes. This is reflected by our contributions to national and global vaccine policy, and membership of peak advisory bodies such as ATAGI and the WHO IVIR-AC.

We welcome expressions of interest from prospective research students or postdoctoral staff.

Our people

Professor James Wood
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Scientia Lecturer Alexandra Hogan
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Our work

Our projects

School collaborators

Professor David Muscatello
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Collaborate with us

Are you a student or post-doctoral fellow looking to colloborate? We have projects available related to topics on COVID-19, RSV, and influenza, including:

  • Vaccination for longer-term COVID-19 mitigation in Australia
  • COVID-19-induced interruptions to transmission of respiratory pathogens
  • Approaches to modelling SARS-COV-2 immunity
  • Capturing maternally-derived immunity models for RSV
  • Revised models of interventions to inform future pandemic planning
  • Integration of novel surveillance data in models of respiratory pathogen control 

Please contact james.wood@unsw.edu.au or alexandra.hogan@unsw.edu.au for more information.

Our publications

  • 2023

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