Transforming health systems

digital health equipment concept

Our research aims to enhance the design, organisation and delivery of health services and health systems. Our researchers are currently engaged in projects to improve quality and safety, governance and reform, financing and economic evaluation of health services from primary care to health services across the health system. 

Primary and integrated care

Our research in quality and integrated care aims to improve health and social care for the community, reflecting a holistic approach to patient care and wellbeing.

Patient-centred care

Our goal is to ensure that healthcare services improve the wellbeing of patients and meet their preferences, values and goals. Our research demonstrates that patient-centred care improves patients' experiences and creates value for services.

Digital health

Digital health is crucial to health service modernisation, sustainability and accessibility. It has the potential to reshape existing health services, making them safer, efficient, flexible and personalised. Our research addresses gaps in policy and practice.

Medicines and health intelligence

We’re committed to research that strengthens the quality, efficiency and equity of healthcare systems within Australia and globally. Our expertise focuses on the analysis of health and social data to translate research into practice.