We partner with policymakers, government and non-government organisations, local communities, and academic institutions, particularly in the global south, to identify and address some of the pressing global health issues of our time. 

Our goals

Our research aims to strengthen global health systems, respond to the threats of emerging diseases, and improve global health equity. We use an interdisciplinary approach to tackle health issues that transcend national boundaries and do this through our expansive network of research collaborators in the Asia-Pacific region, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

Our focus includes the decolonisation of global health; health and human rights; health and climate change; health information systems, digital health; health workforce development,  health financing; urbanisation, urban health politics and local governance, migrant health; social, commercial and political determinants of health; and mathematical modelling to support policy decisions on COVID-19 vaccination.

Research strengths

  • Health workforce development.

  • Health financing and universal health coverage in low- and middle-income countries  

  • Health information systems and digital health in the Pacific Islands.

  • Migrant health. 

  • Social, commercial and political determinants of health. 

  • Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health. 

  • Mathematical modelling to support policy decisions on COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Urbanisation, urban health politics and local governance. 

Our impact

Our research provides policy options to governments (such as ministries of health and finance) to ensure resources are effectively allocated and strategies are implemented to improve equity. We also provide evidence to health care providers and managers to improve services delivery and health system performance.

We build capacity for global health research in the countries we work with by collaborating with up-and-coming young researchers, for example, on co-designed projects, publications, and policy briefs.  

Our experts

Innovation & impact

Our teaching

We pride ourselves on the nexus of our teaching and research. We do this in partnership with communities, centres and institutes, health services and people with lived experience and expertise.

Our research & impact

Our research and impact promotes equity, strengthens health systems and improves access to high quality care for all people in Australia and worldwide.

Our strategy

Our Health 25 Strategy aims to improve the quality of life for all by tackling the complex and important health challenges of our times.