Our research responds to existing and emerging complex health challenges in Australia and globally. We harness cross-disciplinary partnerships, innovation and a health system-level approach to improve health for all.

Research priorities

The rise of complex population health challenges in Australia and globally calls for bold solutions and the willingness to challenge the status quo. Our research is tackling the leading population health priorities with a single goal in mind – to identify solutions that can have the greatest impact and directly benefit those who need them most.

Our specialist techniques and tools

Our mission is to deliver research excellence that impacts health at scale. We do this by harnessing strengths across UNSW, and cross-cutting research techniques and tools within the School of Population Health.

Our research centres

The School of Population Health research centres are leaders in research excellence and bring together a network of experts, partners, and communities to ensure our research and teaching is relevant and meaningful to communities around the world.

Research and teaching

We pride ourselves on the nexus of our research and teaching. We harness the power of our partnerships with UNSW’s world-leading medical research institutions and centres to deliver research and teaching that can achieve the greatest impact and scale in addressing the most pressing population health challenges around the world.